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Creative Writing - waking up in the middle of the night

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Creative Writing I awoke in the middle of the night to the familiar disturbance of my next door neighbor's cat .I looked over on the wooden table my phone has a voice message saying "call me back when you hear this", but the call ID was unknown. I wonder who called me weather if it was important. I rest in my bed struggling to sleep for about an hour. I assumed the only way was to bore myself to sleep so I decided to watch some TV, a horror movie was on maybe this would make me sleep peacefully, I watched it for about 30 minutes and then decided to go downstairs to wash my face. As I step down stairs my phone started ringing, I ran back into my room to pick it up known the person who left the voice message could almost certainly be the one calling now, as I pick up my phone and answer "hello.....?" ...read more.


Now I could hear steps upstairs, not knowing whether they were real sounds or my imagination. Maybe I was getting a bit paranoid because I was dead scared in the dark and from watching the horror film. I hear a baby crying upstairs, I quickly ran up wondering where the sound is coming from only to find out the TV was loud. I turn to my bed only to see a man hung himself as he tried to hold himself above the floor. I watched as his face turned blue and his eyes started to slowly roll to the back of his head. Slowly, but surely the fingers began to slip from the rope as he eventually took his last breath to his death. ...read more.


At that same moment, I thought I was going crazy, then in a split second I hear this same baby cry but this time it wasn't from the TV it was under my bed! It also smelt a little strange but nothing I could identify. Gathering courage, I decided to take a look as I get on my knees and took a peek under my bed only to see a ghost reaching its hand to me. I wake up breathless with my heart beating rapidly, thanking god that was only a nightmare I look at my clock which was exactly at midnight, I find my phone and look to see there is a "voice message received" the only thought that was running on my mind was "oh no this cannot be happening to me". ?? ?? ?? ?? ABDULMALIK ...read more.

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