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creative writtingWhen I was 15 I hated my life. I sat at my desk all day everyday staring at that computer

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Story When I was 15 I hated my life. I sat at my desk all day everyday staring at that computer, rummaging through those papers and trying to get to the bottom of that never ending coursework I hated every second of it. At times I really did want to hurt myself. But then I found bmxing it saved me from the overwhelming noise and clutter of my home. Riding bmx bikes changed my life not only did it free my battered mind from work but it opened many new doors for me, I made new friends learnt new tricks and pulled of new stunts every day in about a year I was really good at the sport and ended ...read more.


me realise how much practice I needed as there was kids of my age group who where a lot better than me there was one in particular rival that I found he came first in the first competition that I entered and from that day I knew that I had to beat him. His name was Matt Hoffman entered many small competitions in fact every competition that he wasn't in I entered and one. This was good practice for me and also spending the prize money was great fun I spent most of it on my bike and clothes I had to look like a pro if I was ever going to be a pro. ...read more.


The next summer was the biggest event of the year its called the x-games and all the professional riders compete I was eighteen at this point and I was competing against riders from around the world luckily for me I didn't have to fly anywhere as the competition was being held in London so i told my parents all about it as I did befor every competition and they put my bike in the car and we all drove down together the competition was being held in hide park it consisted on one big bmx vert ramp it was about 40 ft long and 12 ft high with 2ft of vert there was also a 15 foot roll in to the vert the reigning world champion was there so was hoffman the last world champ is called dave mirror. ...read more.

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