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Cricket of Pakistan

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Introduction In this project I am going to write about the cricket of Pakistan and about a cricket player known as Wasim Akram. On my subjects I have done lots of research and I have made two documents which contains information about my two subjects, after summarising them and converting them into my own words I am going to write this final document of my personal interest project. Cricket of Pakistan After the partition of India in 1947 the state of Pakistan was born. At the beginning development of cricket was very slow but Pakistan was able to get test match status on 28th July 1952 in a meeting of the Imperial Cricket conference at Lord's cricket ground. In October 1952 Pakistan played their first test match in Delhi. After two years Pakistan made their first tour to England and drew the series 1-1 after a memorable victory at the Oval in which fast bowler Fazal Mehmood took 12 wickets. ...read more.


In International cricket Pakistan cricket team is considered a strong but an unpredictable team. They are often victorious against the strongest of teams and vulnerable to those of less experience. Just as in World cup 2007 they were beaten by Ireland who were playing in their first competition. This was one of the biggest upset in World Cup history and because of this defeat Pakistan was unable to compete in the tournament any more. After this a tragic incident took place it was declared to the Pakistani cricket team that their team Coach was found dead. Wasim Akram In Pakistan cricket team there was a left arm fast bowler and left handed batsman Wasim Akram. He was born on 3rd June 1966 in Lahore, Punjab. He represented Pakistan in Test and One Day internationals. He known as a legend and recognised one of the great fast bowler ever who holds worlds records for the most wickets taken in both type of cricket. ...read more.


In 2003 World Cup he was the best bowler on Pakistan squad who took the 19 wickets in 7 matches. Unfortunately Pakistan was unable to make into the "Super Six" phase of the tournament, as a result Wasim was one the eight players who dismissed from the squad. Any way he was one of the best bowler in world. In his test career, he took 414 wickets in 104 matches with the average of 23.62 and scored 2898 runs as well with the average of 22.64. In One Day internationals he is the most wicket taker bowler in world with the figure of 502 in 356 matches. With the average of 23.52 and as a good all-rounder he scored 3717 runs with the average of 16.52. The impressive thing about Wasim Akram was that he has more than 400 wickets in both type of cricket. Conclusions Through researching cricket and Wasim Akram I have found out a lot more about the history of Pakistan cricket and been able to find out more about one of my favourite player. ?? ?? ?? ?? Muhammad Waqas Mian Page 1 ...read more.

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