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Crime Fiction is one of the most popular genres in the world. For more than a century the genre has sold phenomally well.

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Crime Fiction is one of the most popular genres in the world. For more than a century the genre has sold phenomally well. The crime fiction roots are in 19th century sensationalist writings in primitive newspapers called broadsheets. In these broadsheets graphic and exaggerated accounts of crime & execution were reported. Vidocq was a French master criminal. The broadsheets frequent;ly reported stories of his misdemeanours. He quickly gained status similar to that of a popstar. People liked Vidocq as he was daring and a master criminal. Vidocq became a policeman later in his life. When he resigned from the police force he became a private detective and a writer. A ghost written biography of Vidocq was then published, based on real crime yet the biography was vastly exaggerated. The first real crime fiction story was Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Murders In The Rue Morgue'. Poe was a horror writer experimenting with this story. Poe's background as a horror writer can be clearly seen in 'Murders In The Rue Morgue' in the graphic descriptions of the murders. 'On a chair lay a razor besmeared with blood. ...read more.


You will excuse me for a few minutes while I satisfy myself as to this floor." The bell-pull turns out to be fake and the key to the case. Holmes is a brilliant thinker yet rarely reveals his train of thought. The structure of a Holmes generally follows along the same lines each time. The novels always start with the crime being committed; it has to be a dramatic crime to grip the attention of the reader, something like a murder of an important person. Holmes surveys the scene, seeing the clues left drawing his own conclusions. Soon after the suspects begin to emerge, the suspects are questioned, a person is wrongly accused, the evidence is reviewed and then a conclusion will be reached. There is always justice, be it poetic, lawful or any other kind of justice. The novels are very similar to Poe's "Murders In The Rue Morgue" in structure. The Golden Age of crime fiction was the period of time when most of the classic crime fiction novels where written. This was the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. The most well known writers in this period were Agatha Christie (Poirot) ...read more.


The crime itself is always the start of the book, the detective surveys the scene, the suspects emerge, the suspects are questioned, the evidence is reviewed then a conclusion is reached. The demand for realism nowadays affects the outcome of a book. When an ape was unveiled as the killer at the end of "The Murders In The Rue Morgue" by Dupin, the ending was accepted. If this was written today, the ending and book would have been dismissed as rubbish. The crime fiction genre is evolving all the time. In years to come the majority of crime fiction books written will probably have a largely psychological edge to them. People tend to enjoy crime fiction because they have all the same clues as the detective yet they like to try and solve the mystery before he does. This will not change as we move toward psychological crime fiction as people will now try and work out why the criminal committed the crime before the detective does. Crime fiction has been one of the most popular genres thanks to classic authors like Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Ruth Rendall. There is no reason why this success cannot continue in the exciting new direction long into the 21st century. James Naughton 21st January 2002 Crime Fiction ...read more.

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