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Criminal Investigation - Macbeth.

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Criminal Investigation (Macbeth) Name of suspect: Macbeth Details of suspected crime: The crime that Macbeth is suspected to have committed is regicide. King Duncan, the king of Scotland, was found dead last week in the Macbeth residence. It is now understood that the king was stabbed in the heart, slightly left centred of the chest. The suspected weapon used in this murder is a large and very sharp dagger. The king was stabbed whilst sleeping in his bedchamber. Macduff discovered the king's body and a witness report from Macbeth is present later on in the witness reports. Suspect's background: Macbeth is married to Lady Macbeth. They have lived together for several years and have been married for the same time. The couple tried for a baby a couple of years ago; unfortunately Lady Macbeth lost her baby through unstoppable circumstances. Presently the couple do not have any children. Macbeth was recently made Thane of Cawdor, by the late king's wishes. It could be said that this is because of his outstanding effort and achievement on the battlefield. Recently Macbeth defended Scotland, by leading a Scottish army in defeating two foreign army attacks. ...read more.


She wants a lot from her husband and expects him to be the best and if Macbeth were to become king Lady Macbeth herself would benefit from it in status. Close friends of Lady Macbeth have all stated that she is a very ambitious woman. She enjoys dining with the rich and enjoys the elegant meals. If it is true that the witches or lady Macbeth influenced Macbeth into killing king Duncan then it could be said that he is easily led astray and is very indecisive. He could also be said to be weak minded if others influence his thought. Macbeth himself has said, "I am scared of the witches prophecies". What could this mean? Could it mean he is scared of what he might do in order to become king? Or is it that he is scared of hurting the people that he loves in order to become king. Of course any of these witness statements could be biased. They should be treated as opinions and with respect. For example Macduff himself could be jealous of the fact that Macbeth became king after Duncan's death. It is true that Macduff did not attend Macbeth's coronation. ...read more.


The couple are close, loving towards each other and although Lady Macbeth is quite pushy and dominant, towards Macbeth, the couple are very much in love. End Comments: After summing up the evidence and obtaining so many good witness reports I can say that I do not feel Macbeth could have killed Duncan. Firstly no real hard evidence has yet been discovered onto whom killed the king. I have heard of how Macbeth saw Duncan as a Father and how much he looked up to him. And for this reason I do not feel he could have killed his king. If it were him who did it, it would have been due to the witches' influence and his wife's influence. Macbeth did generally care for his king and I do not feel Macbeth murdered Macbeth. If he did he must be a total different person to how many people portray him. Although two guards, found dead, were smeared with the king's blood it could easily be that these guards were set up. If it were that the king's guards killed the king then who killed the guards? Many questions need to be asked, as it is still not clear who killed king Duncan of Scotland. Macbeth-Coursework Daniel Feightman 11D ...read more.

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