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Critical discussion of the following passage- Page 31 from stage direction 'Owen enters with Lancey' to the end of the act. Before this passage what happens is that Hugh turns up and he is slightly drunk

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You must write a close critical discussion of the following passage- Page 31 from stage direction 'Owen enters with Lancey' to the end of the act. Before this passage what happens is that Hugh turns up and he is slightly drunk. We can see this because Hugh drinks alcohol in this scene and he asks Lancey whether he would like some aqua vitae. Hugh then explains to the others in the class about the soldiers and what they will be doing. He tells them that the soldiers will be mapping the area. He also tells them that he has asked the officer in charge to talk to the class about the purposes of this plan. After this Owen arrives and interrupts what Hugh is saying to the class. The passage comes at the end of Act 1 after what has been described above. Two officers come with Owen to the class: Captain Lancey and Lieutenant Yolland. Owen introduces them to the others. Owen acts as a translator for Lancey but he edits what Lancey says by taking things out to abbreviate what is being said. ...read more.


Owen was saying that Lancey's speech was ambiguous with no certain meaning. This could show that Owen is a quick, persuasive character. However Manus knows that there is a certain meaning to what Lancey had said. Manus and Owen have a difference of opinion about the British. Their attitudes are opposite. Manus sees the British as a threat whilst Owen has no problem with the British and what they plan to do. When Owen says at the end of the passage: 'It's the same me' this is important because it means that he thinks an object is the same regardless of its name. This shows his attitude towards the names of the places in Ireland being changed. This quote also fits into the whole performance because the renaming of the places eventually contributes to the way of life of the community coming to an end. There is also another interpretation of this quote by Owen and that is that he is not sure and wants convincing that when a name of a place changes the way of life and culture doesn't change. However, Manus thinks that the names' being changed is wrong or sinister. ...read more.


And I know that that I'm going to be happy, very happy, here.' This shows Yolland's attitude towards the Irish, he wants to please them and he respects them. When Yolland says this it shows that he acknowledges that the English are outsiders unlike Lancey. This language fits into the whole performance because Yolland becomes very happy in Ireland and meets a lady whom he falls in love with. He often says that what he really wants is to stay in Ireland with Maire whom he loves. This is shown when Yolland says: I've made up my mind...' and then when he says 'I'm not going to leave here....' He falls in love with Ireland. The theme that is represented in this passage is the theme of mapping. This is shown when Lancey explains to the class that the English soldiers will be mapping out the area. Another theme that is represented in this passage is change. At this point we find out that the names of places in Ireland will be changed from Gaelic to English, which illuminates the theme of change. However, the people in the class do not find this out yet as Owen changes Lancey's words slightly. Words 1,448 ?? ?? ?? ?? English Literature Close reading 1 ...read more.

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