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Critical evaluation - John Steinbeck-Of Mice and Men and Robert Ludlum-The Bourne Identity.

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CRITICAL EVALUATION John Steinbeck-Of Mice and Men Robert Ludlum-The Bourne Identity Through the history of man; mathematicians, philosophers, teachers, and scientists have molded and shaped our world. These men and women, young and old, are responsible for the continually growing knowledge in today's youth. Upon studying the most influential educators, it was proven that writers and authors sustain every element of the society we live; love, passion, romance, adventure, drama, science fiction, and non-fiction. All of these categories exist for only one purpose, to entertain the minds who absorb the material. Entertaining authors make an exceptional story and none other than Robert Ludlum and John Steinbeck accomplish this feat better. In order to further understand these authors thirst to provide edge-of-the-seat entertainment, their past and present must be explored. Although these authors lived in two diverse locations, their driving desire for knowledge appears the same. Ludlum and Steinbeck attended college after high school, majoring in English. After graduating from Salinas High School in 1919, Steinbeck attended Stanford University from 1920-1925. Two years after Steinbeck left to pursue his writing career in New York, Robert Ludlum was born on May 25, 1927. ...read more.


His instincts and intelligence help guide him. The quote: "You are not helpless. You will find your way." 3 is repeated on several occasions, which foreshadows success on Jason's behalf. Jason's rhetorical behavior when faced with stressful and difficult situations ends in same violent manner. "Bourne grabbed the Frenchman in front of him now, his left arm around the man's throat, his right hand tearing at the man's left ear." 4 Without thinking, Jason reacts to the situation with poise and precision. Jason's rhetorical skills evoke his memory enough to enable him to think and act on his own to avoid death or capture. "Whenever you observe a stress-and you have the time-do your damndest to project into it. Associate as freely as you can; let words and images fill your mind. In them you may find clues." 5 This quote is nearly repeated again, "Whenever you're in a stress situation-and there's time, of course-do exactly as you would when you project yourself into one you're observing. Let your mind fall free, let whatever thoughts and images that surface come cleanly. Try not to exercise any mental discipline. Be a sponge; concentrate on everything and nothing. Specifics may come to you, certain repressed conduits electricity prodded into functioning." ...read more.


There novels: The Bourne Identity and Of Mice and Men, respectively, have Robert Latta's praise. Woohoo, right? There are more positive, than negative, statements to be discussed. Particularly, Ludlum's story is far more intriguing than Steinbeck's. The plot and characters all are attention getters. The idea that a man with no memory has instincts that are above any normal man, and has answers to every question, except his name, is fascinating. The only downfall to Ludlum's work appears to be the length of his novel, five hundred some odd pages, that turns out to be a lot of reading time. Steinbeck's novel length; however, fits the taste well, only one hundred some pages. The 'olden story' in Steinbeck's novel, gets negative feedback because its entire plot stimulated nothing more than closing eye lids. Praising the literary device of repetition, this gave some indication that what was being read over again would prove useful in assembling a critical evaluation essay. The repetition also forces the information into your brain, meaning it holds significance. Moreover, the theme portrayed among these two novels had some relevance with our current lives, which also served another purpose to reading them Overall, the novels ended up balancing one another. A positive recommendation can be made for both these novels because something can be learned. ...read more.

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