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Critical Responce On Obama's Speech Informing Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

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´╗┐Critical Response on Obama?s Speech On May 1st 2011 Barack Obama presented a speech to the American nation and the world that Osama Bin Laden was dead. His speech was very effective as it showed that he approved of his nation and other nations for their tedious work in which to find Osama, he emphasises this by having an American flag next to him while he speaks. This suggests he is proud and thankful for his country. However, he didn?t just plainly say Osama was dead; he brought the audience on a journey on how they found Osama. During his speech he uses many effective techniques in his speech to emphasis, give thanks and make it more poignant to certain listeners. Firstly, Obama uses rhetorical devices in his speech to build a rapport with the audience and builds a vivid picture of the 9/11 for the audience to remember. Obama uses the metaphor, ?It was nearly ten years ago that a bright September day was darkened by the worst attack on the American people in our history.? The use of antithesis of the ?bright and dark? is effective because it explains the devastation of this attack and how awful it was to the American people and how the terrorists ruined this bright, beautiful and peaceful day. ...read more.


Obama extends this audience to show how significant Osama?s death was and how important his murder was, as it is a starting point in the end to terrorism. Also, by widening the audience he builds a connection with other people, as he understands the difficulties they have been through by relating himself to the 9/11 bombings. Obama has used a complex sentence to include everyone and their extensive work to find Osama; this is effective as he is including everyone in one breath, showing the strenuous work of many people and they need to be thanked for. The field specific lexis of ?love?, ?offered? and ?community?, which all belong to the semantic field of ?co-operation?, demonstrates that Obama is thankful of the work that many people around the world did and shows a greater sense of unity of the world now that this murderer is dead. Obama says this sentence very slowly, emphasising the amount of people who should be thanked for their work and the audience should have a moment in which to think of these hard-working people and reflect on what they have done. ...read more.


Overall Obama used certain techniques to build a rapport with the audience and for the audience to except that he was also hurt when these 9/11 bombings took place; one example of him doing this is when he changes from a formal to an informal register. Obama also builds his audience to include everyone suggesting that a wider amount of people helped to find Osama and everyone will be affected because of his death. Los, the transcript of Obama?s speech shows that when Obama makes a powerful point about the capturing of Osama?s death the paragraphs seem to be shorter, illustrating that he is telling the audience one fact at a time and doesn?t want the audience to be overloaded with information, as it could get too much and upset some viewers. Lastly, Obama clasps his hands together when talking about the American nation as one, implying that this nation is one family who care, love and look after each other. On the 9/11 bombings this American nation was crushed by the faults of Osama bin Laden and now that this evil man has been brought to justice this American family can live in peace once again. Miss Khan By: Zarah Lupson 10B ...read more.

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