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Critically Analyse the Distinctive Features of your Chosen Auteur Stylistically and Thematically

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Critically Analyse the Distinctive Features of your Chosen Auteur Stylistically and Thematically The formal definition of the word 'auteur' is "A film director, especially one whose work is regarded as having some distinctively personal quality about it...this film director's practice also has to comply with the 'auteur theory', which states that he/she must be considered the primary creative force in a motion picture". This essay will argue whether Andrei Tarkovsky can be considered to be an auteur. The evidence will be drawn from one of Tarkovsky's earlier films, 'Andrei Rublev' (1966) and 'Mirror' (1974). The film opens with a scene unconnected to the remainder of the story of a peasant sneaking into a tower to ride aboard a primitive hot air balloon. He succeeds in briefly soaring into the atmosphere, only to crash violently into the ground. This abstract opening sequence, disjointed from the rest of the narrative, immediately sets an elliptical and episodic structure to the film. ...read more.


In a way, his main purpose for the first half of the film is to guide the audience and allow them to absorb the information needed to understand the specifics of life at that time and eventually to use his background knowledge to understand Andrei's character and belief which are only revealed in the later parts of the film. The themes of control, censorship and negative authority over the peasants by the Tatars may in an indirect sense reflect Tarkovsky's own experiences for the struggle of free art and the right to express his opinions during the Soviet times. In much the same way that George Orwell expressed his views on communism in the novel "Animal Farm" Tarkovsky deplores the existence of totalitarian control in Russia, through showing the negative power which the Tatars exercise over the poor peasants. Cinematically, Tarkovsky employs extraordinarily long shots, together with continuous editing to create smooth running sequences. ...read more.


singing man, the brick hole in the wall of the building in which they are sitting, represents a divide between their inner, happy careless world and the outer glum, repressed society. The women, peering into the holes observing the reckless fun, which the men are indulging in, shows how they are excluded from these moments of pleasure adding a possibly sexist message to Tarkovsky's film "Andrei Rublev". The door of the building also serves as a framing device, in a meaning identical to that of the hole. For example, the Tatars intrusion into the peasant's happy lives takes place through the borders of the door frame, and when the entertainer is commanded to go with the Tatars, he is only beaten and harassed after he steps out of the door. The same rule applies to the instrument, which the Tatar only breaks outside of the building. All these events of contrasting natures taking place inside and outside of the building are observed through the framing of the door. ...read more.

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