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Criticising the Newspaper Article "Cult of the Killer Nerds" Essay

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250 Victoria Road Pokfulam, Hong Kong Dear Sir, Having just read the article Cult of the Killer Nerds by Mr. Johann Hari in your paper The Independent which was published on January 15th 2004, I felt compelled to write to you. I found the article extremely misleading, I find it quite unacceptable that an article of such should be published in a respectable newspaper like yours. To start with, I am appalled that Mr. Hari would even contemplate the idea that a bunch of mocking high school kids had driven Harris and Klebold to violence. They were not the first to be bullied and they certainly will not be the last. When Hari wrote that ?some people? believe that the victims of the massacre ?deserved to be murdered? he crossed the line. It was extremely disrespecting to the dead and in my opinion very deluding. Mr. Hari may be trying to give an unbiased argument, but his sympathy towards Harris and Klebold is evident. ...read more.


She deserves to be remembered positively. Why is it that Mr. Hari holds such anger towards Cassie Bernall and her supporters? Harold and Klebold if anyone is who he should be angry at, they were the ones who killed, injured and ruined lives. The extent of the damage caused by Harris and Klebold goes beyond the 13 lives taken away; these 13 people had parents, friends, families; people who depended on them for love and support. Is it not strange to you that Hari is more irritated and negative about the victim rather than the actual murderers? The writer directs a fair amount of his attention on the portrayal of nerds, jocks and high school life in movies. He believes that they hold the explanation to Harris and Klebold?s irrational behaviour or in his own words their ?bloody massacre.? I can see why Johann Hari may have wanted to use this term to reinforce the nonconformity portrayed in nerds in movies and the idea that they were frustrated with their mistreatment in school. ...read more.


The truth is high school is cruel, but so is life. Mr. Hari should have spent more time in his article covering the important issues that may have contributed to the school shooting, not only the reasons but the factors that assisted Harris and Klebold. For example the extremely lax gun control in America. The bullets used in the shooting were bought from the local K-mart. Did Dylan Klebold?s parents go out and buy them for him? I highly doubt it. Gun accessibility is extremely high in America; in this day and age you can buy a 9mm gun for $1.50, a mere fraction today?s teens? pocket money. I think I am speaking on behalf of the majority of The Independent readers when I say that the article Cult of the Killer Nerds was not of the standard we expect. As the editor, I hope that you will pay more attention to the articles published. Mr. Hari offended numerous readers including myself with his biased arguments, his inconsiderateness to the deceased, and his lack of precise, relevant points. The purpose of the article was to raise awareness to the issues emerging and to remind people of the massacre. ...read more.

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