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Crucible 20th Century Drama

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English Coursework, First Draft 20th Century Drama: The Crucible Beginning with the opening scene in act II, explore the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor and show how it creates dramatic interest in the play as a whole. The Crucible contains jealousy, lust, suspicion and bitterness which symbolises the time in which it was written, the author Arthur Miller because of this play was nearly sent to jail. A crucible is a container in which metals are heated to extract the pure element from dross or impurities. In Miller's play "The Crucible" John Proctor is tested and by his death is shown to have been purified by the fire. Arthur Miller wrote the Crucible for two reasons one of which is that he, "had known about the witchcraft trials in Salem since my university days, and when given a copy of Marion Starkey's book, "The Devil in Massachusetts" it helped me develop the idea and write the Crucible". The second is that he wrote the play at a time when there were indeed "witchcraft trials" occurring so "The Crucible" is seen as a political parable, where it holds a much deeper, stronger meaning as well as the obvious first meaning. ...read more.


The characters in the play which the question revolves around are John and Elizabeth Proctor. These two people live in the town of Salem a town full of puritans. John Proctor is a farmer, he is a hardworking man who is guilty of adultery with his maid Abigail a "strikingly, beautiful girl" who is deeply in love with him, and now because he is a honest man he told his wife his sin, he is suffering from her because she "forgets nothin' and forgives nothin'. He is an extremely passionate and dedicated character, he loves his wife dearly and he shows this because he means to "please her", however Elizabeth Proctor is a good woman who "counts herself so plain" and is jealous that he bedded Abigail, this shows that she has failed in her duties as a wife for she feels "it is a cold wife to prompt lechery" and due to a recent miscarriage feels that she has failed in her duties as a mother as well, she is cold and aloof to John because "she never knew how to say her love", she is constantly judging him always suspicious that because of her actions ...read more.


He turns to her and watches her. A sense of their separation arises". This creates interest as to what is going to happen and why is there such emptiness and coldness in this house. John is obsessed with the fact that he committed adultery, while Elizabeth is always mentioning the adultery because she is upset by it, and she can never fully trust him especially when she finds out that it "is not as you told me" that John was in a room alone with Abigail, it truly shows that if one can not forgive themselves or the other than the marriage can not truly be happy, and on a larger scale this is what is happening in the town. Throughout the play the dramatic interest is created by exaggerating greatly the tensions of John and Elizabeth Proctor this is shown through their distrust which is echoed on a larger scale by the distrust and petty squabbles in the town, however all that is needed for the tension to subside is forgiveness and trust which is unlikely almost impossible to happen in the town. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hannah McVeigh 4W Mrs Orrett ...read more.

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