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CSI: How the Programme Makers make it popular and entertaining

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CSI: How do programme-makers engage the audience and make CSI both a popular and entertaining programme? My essay is going to explore how the makers of the programme CSI use certain techniques to make CSI a popular and entertaining programme. CSI is a popular, Emmy Award-winning television series that follows the investigations of a team of forensic scientists, as they explore mysterious deaths and unusual crimes. Something that can usually be expected of a crime-drama is a group of intelligent people who solve all the crimes and several suspects who are eventually narrowed down to one. But CSI's mindblowing twists of plot and great range of characters makes it unlike any of the other crime dramas. CSI includes a mixed theme of humour (normally of a sarcastic or dry humour) and dark, serious atmospheres (such as when we get a preview of the crime taking place). The characters give off a very professional air from good acting and remaining calm when the scientists reach a critical point in the investigation. In CSI, there are many factors that accumulate to make it such an entertaining programme. ...read more.


Good props and special effects like these make the programme very realistic. Mise-en-scene makes the programme engaging to the audience, in terms of making every scene individual; each of them have different themes and moods, and occasionally help the audience predict just what is going to happen next, which creates suspense. The main characters of CSI are the investigation team. They all work together to solve crimes and figure out who committed the murders. A few features that all of the characters have in common is a serious and determined attitude to solving the crimes they're appointed to. However, even though they all share the same resolute personality, they also have a dry sense of humour, which keeps comedy-loving viewers entertained as well, making the programme suitable for a wide range of audiences. It's important that the characters appeal to a broad range of people because not all members of the target audience will want to watch a programme that's constantly serious. Since the programme-makers have thrown some comedy into CSI, it ensures that it doesn't become repetitive, and so it doesn't remain sombre all the way through each episode. ...read more.


For example, tense, progressing music in a flat key can be used in horror movies before the villain strikes. In CSI, some non-diagetic music starts when the man and the woman start to follow the trail of blood. The music here helps to progress to the scene where the trail ends in the park; it isn't slow but it's not fast either, and the music exaggerate a little when they find a big clue. At the end when the boy is sent to prison for murder the music is very sad and depressing. Although the audience are aware the boy committed a terrible crime, they can't help but feel sorry for him because of the music. They will also feel remorse for the mother, because one of her children are dead, and now she has to live with the younger being in prison. The programme makers use a vast variety of media techniques to help make CSI the entertaining and addicting show it is now; it's many creative uses of flashbacks, realistic sound effects and perfect camera angles all help to create a programme that's never the same. This many techniques are the formula to makes CSI so individual and popular. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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