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culture and feeling of poets, Grace Nichols, Moniza Alvi and Sujata Bhatt

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Many people of different races immigrate to another country. What are the feelings of these exiles? Choose three poems and explain how the poets make you understand their feelings. The three poets, Grace Nichols, Moniza Alvi and Sujata Bhatt have experienced the loss of cultural identity. Culture is part of someone's beliefs and feelings. Culture is important to these immigrates as it is part of their identity. The three poems 'Hurricane hits England', 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' and 'Search for my Tongue' all show feelings of cultural alienation and explore being an immigrant. The poems also use a secondary theme to express the poet's feelings of isolation, alienation, confusion and separation. For example, the secondary theme in 'Hurricane hits England' is the 1987 hurricane. My objective is to analyse the three poems and explain how the poets present their feelings. Grace Nichols, the writer of 'Hurricane hits England', was born in 1950 in Georgetown, Guyana, where she grew up with a strong sense of cultural identity. She moved from her homeland in 1977, to London, England. The poem is autobiographical and Grace got her inspiration for writing 'Hurricane hits England' from the 1987 hurricane that awakened her culture. Grace shows how important her culture is towards her by using quotes such as, 'Talk to me Huracan...', which is where she is talking to the Weather Gods. ...read more.


Moniza uses a camel-skinned lamp to show how she is switching between two cultures, 'from camel to shade'. This phrase shows that Moniza feels people want to accept her in society, one or the other, not both. Phrases like 'I longed for denim and corduroy' show how she desperately wants to fit in with everyone else. Moniza also uses a variety of words within the poem such as 'split' and 'stolen' to show how she endures having no fixed nationality. The structure of 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' emphasis Moniza's feelings of alienation and reinforces her autobiographical style. The stanzas are set out in different ways. They are fractured and in different sizes. Moniza expresses her feelings by using colour to create strong imagery, unlike 'Hurricane hits England'. For example in the phrase 'I was aflame', it shows that when Moniza wears the salwar kameez, she feels too noticed, and does not blend in with everyone else. A really good device that Moniza has chosen to use in her poem is enjambment. She deliberately lacks punctuation in her poem to create natural speech. Moniza uses similes, such as 'like stained glass', that show Moniza feels her culture is false. Moniza also uses personification, like in the phrase 'Prickly heat had me screaming', and lots of words referring to colour, such as 'Peacock-blue', 'Candy-stripped' and 'Apple-green'. ...read more.


She uses the word 'grow' many times and phrases such as 'grows strong veins' and 'pushes the other tongue aside' gives the reader the message that she feels her language and culture have come back to her, in her dreams. Overall, I think that all three of the poet's backgrounds are very similar as they have emigrated from their homelands and have suffered from cultural alienation. This has affected their writing style in all their poems, as they have written about what it is like to be in a country or position which they feel uncomfortable in. The three poems have similar devices used in them such as they have all got a secondary theme on which to emphasis their feelings on. At the end of 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' the poet is still trying to find her cultural identity, I know this as Moniza has not written anything that shows that her life is any different. However, the writers of 'Hurricane hits England' and 'Search for my Tongue' regain their culture. Grace shows that she does not feel alienated anymore, and Sujata Bhatt regains her culture through her dream. I think Sujata Bhatt is the most effective at expressing her viewpoint, because of her phonetic translation device. This device enables her to say to the reader 'How would you feel if you were in an unfamiliar country, having to speak an unfamiliar language?' ?? ?? ?? ?? Bansri Sodha ...read more.

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