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Cyberport - Travel Writing

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Cyberport is a vision of a future that never happened, a paused era of the forthcoming halted in the present. It was meant to be a new environment for new business opportunities to bloom juvenile and dynamic, it was the vision of a place of gathering, a place of new developments and new beginnings. But unfortunately, the plan prevailed, the dream of a modern, stylish and neoteric region shattered. All that is left are glittering architechtural designs, bare and seemingly abandoned in amidst of the sea breeze blowing from the west. People were saying that Hong Kong's "Cyberport" is a real estate development. Now see the empty mall and lost cyber-business. The reason the vision failed was because there were no business in the area, and no shops to attract the external crowd to shop and eat there. Many restaurants were closed, without the flow of customers, the shops are all losing money. Cyberport seem to think that there was no need for shops that provide cheap services as everyone does "e-commerce". The ruins of Cyberport now lie quiet and composed, it has become a time capsule no one bothered to open. ...read more.


The sun would set, slowing at the touch of the horizon, decending to the sea to the right of the path. Her light would pierce through the gaps in between buildings onto the road in front; and through this, the paved path would glisten. Sparkles of radiance would bounce off the sands dried in between cracked cement. The first station that you would encounter if you drive through Sha Wan Drive from the North is the Arcade. The shopping centre built for leisure and entertainment. This is the entrance to Cyberport as a Broadway cinema welcomes you on the right and Taste, a supermarket, on the left. Its' structure similar to Megabox, another shopping centre in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Although similar in their architechtural designs, the two are noticeably different in many ways. The Arcade, originally built for technological environments is instead used for many therapy services, ranging from aroma and music therapy to foot massages and spas. The sweet captivating smells from these departments stale the conditioned air. Filling the shopping centre with fagrants of burning waxes and oils. ...read more.


This scenery would appear everyday from 8am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm. This enchanting garden links the residential area - Bel-Air and Cyberport together. Bel-Air are the residential buildings standing to the left of the port, it is usually a five to ten minute walk depending on the designated block. The most captivating activity in Cyberport are their festivals. There was once a Greek festival that was held in July 2008. ICT leaders at the Cyberport convention had said the festival successful. Though this is not what a blogger had commented on this event on the day he went: Here is the url: http://jeneatwork.blogspot.com/2008/07/cyberport-cheat.html "Due to the tremendous effort we made to get there, the shock was equally tremendous as we witnessed the less than impressive "Greek festival". And the whole Cyberport was one gigantic White Elephant. Other than in my house, it's probably the only place in Hong Kong that is not packed with its characteristic crowd." Whether it is truly worth while to visit, it is plaudible to say that Cyberport is truly a magnificent place. With its' shocking surprises, this simply concludes that life isn't always what it seems at all. Travel Writing - Cyberport Iva Liu 10S2 ...read more.

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