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D.A.R.E. Report on my experience of drug and anti-bullying education.

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D.A.R.E. As students reach fifth grade, they enter the world of D.A.R.E. Fifth graders learn about drugs and violence that they might and/face in the years to come. As these kids sit in a classroom, and listening to a police officer talk about D.A.R.E., they learn information and expand their minds to the real world. Little do these kids know that this D.A.R.E. experience will stay with them forever. Although kids are taught not to take drugs, some people still take them. If kids are stuck in a position in which they are told to take drugs (like alcohol, tobacco, etc.), it's important for them to learn/remember how just one choice can change your life. Three examples of drugs are alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Drinking alcohol can result in many things. For example, drinking alcohol includes dizziness, talkativeness, spurred speech, disturbed sleep, nausea, and vomiting. Alcohol can also result in car accident, for if even a small amount of alcohol is taken, it can ruin the judgment and coordination required to drive a car safely. Also, this dangerous drug increase aggressive acts like domestic violence and child abuse. Alcohol can result in a hangover (headache, nausea, thirst, and dizziness) and a failure to fulfill ones responsibility in work, family, school, or other roles. If too much alcohol is consume, it can lead to addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, tremors, hallucination, and permanent damage to organs like the brain and the liver. ...read more.


Kids who are self pressured wonder what drugs taste like. They want to do things that might or might not be good for them, but don't know what to do. It's your decision to decide things that makes you curious. Either way, it might be bad for you and might change your life. Peer pressure an self pressure have something in common, and that's pressuring you to do something you may or may not want to do. As I sat in a room in 5th grade, I remember learning a type of violence: bullying. I learned that bullying will always be in your life whether you're at school, work, on the streets, of even in your own home. Bullying is a repeated behavior by one or more people that intends to harm others and make a person feel bad on purpose. There are many types of bullying. Some are: verbal (name calling), physical (punching, pushing), social (leaving someone out of a group on purpose), extortion (stealing someone's money or belongings), and cyber-bullying (using computers, the Internet, and cell phones to bully others). However, verbal bullying happens more than any other kinds of bullying. many people winders why people are bullies. The answer is quite simple really. It's because they are unhappy inside for some reason or don't know how to get along with other kids. ...read more.


This way, you stay healthy and fit, while also not hurting a person's feeling. To continue, if your around someone who smokes, it best to get out of that room because the smell is awful and if you actually breath it in, it taste like ashes, and you can't get the smell and taste out for a while. Also, you might be exposed to secondhand smoking, and have a possibility of dying. Plus, stay with friends that don't pressure you to do things that you don't want to do. It better to be friends with people who respect your choices, respect you, and give you space. Don't hang out with people who pressures you to do things that might hurt you, for in the end, things will come to an awful end. Last, it won't hurt to keep what you learned in D.A.R.E., for the experience will help you later in life. There will be people who might bully you and tell you to take drugs. It might not happen in Elementary School or Junior High. However, it can defiantly happen in High School. So try to stay safe always. The experience people learned on D.A.R.E. is important. You learn things about drugs and violence that might/will led you to a better life. It helps kids get ready for the real world and years to come. Plus, it helps kids make good decisions. So please, remember your D.A.R.E. experience and never forget about them, for you never know when you need them. ...read more.

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