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Daddy-Long-Legs - Blue Wednesday

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Daddy-Long-Legs - Blue Wednesday [READ ALOUD] Q1: Could you name all the characters that appear in the first chapter? Name of Character Occupation / Status Page Jerusha Abbott Orphan / worker in the asylum / student 1 Mrs. Lippett Matron 2 Tommy Dillion Choir member / orphan / student 3 Charles Benton & Henry Freize Orphans sent to college 5 Miss Pritchard Member of the visiting committee / superintendent 7 Mr. John Smith (Daddy-long-legs) Trustee of the orphanage 8 Mr. Griggs Secretary of Mr. John Smith 9 One of the main topics that we'll focus on is Character Studies. We will look at a few of these characters, Jerusha Abbott, in particular and examine the changes in personality throughout the novel. We are looking at Jerusha Abbott and she is living in an asylum. Q2: Could you identify some of the words or phrases that describe her feelings or her state (of mind)? Character Venue Mood / Feelings Jerusha Abbott Asylum Awful: extremely bad & unpleasant. Distressing: causing great pain, sorrow or suffering. ...read more.


Word Meaning Awful [adj., adv.] Extremely bad and unpleasant. Squirming [adj.] To feel great embarrassment or shame. Orphan [noun] A child whose parents are dead / was abandoned by his or her parents. Starched [noun] Powder form substance used for making cotton clothes. Ginghams [noun] Cotton or linen cloth with a pattern of stripes and checks. Distressing [adj.] Causing great pain, sorrow or suffering. Throbbing A steady continuous beat Example 1: a throbbing drumbeat Matron [noun] A woman who manages the domestic affairs of a school. A woman who is in-charge of the nurses in a hospital. Asylum [noun] In the novel, it refers to an orphanage house, a home for children who are orphans. It refers to a hospital for the mentally ill nowadays. Equipage Murmuring To make a low continuous sound. Affable [adj.] Pleasant, friendly, easy to talk to. Affluential Wealthy, having a lot of money and a good standard of living. Eccentricities [noun] Behaviour that people think is strange or unusual. Eccentric [adj.] Considered by other people to be strange or unusual. ...read more.


Example 1: Mrs. J. Tam is a punctilious host. Peroration [noun] A long speech that is not very interesting. A final part of the speech in which the speaker gives a summary of the main points. Interesting Facts Below are some of the interesting facts and information in the first chapter. Jerusha Abbott - the oldest orphan (p. 1) - seventeen years-old (p. 3) - not only a student but also a helper in the orphanage. (p. 6) - wrote an essay titled, "the Blue Wednesday" (p. 7) - needs to write a letter of acknowledgement to Mr. John Smith once a month (p. 8) Asylum / Orphanage House - 97 orphans (p. 1) - Mrs. Lippett is the matron of the asylum - The name of the asylum is "John Grier Home" (p. 9) Mr. John Smith (Daddy Long-Legs) - Visits the asylum on the first Wednesday of every month (p. 1) - Affluential trustee of the asylum (p. 5) - Plans to educate Jerusha at college for young ladies with the hope that she may become a writer (p. 8) - Might write to Jerusha if she gets expelled from college. (p. 9) SPCS Literacy Appreciation ...read more.

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