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Daisey of love

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Lance Gill Daisy "duke" Hazard Henry James uses Daisy's story to show what he thinks Europeans and Americans believe about each other. Europeans think that Americans have next to no morals; that they just flirt around with the idea of any real commitment. Men are supposed to have the power, that's the way god intended it. Its damn near blasphemy whenever a woman is able to flirt around and, in all reality, has no real interest in any type of commitment. If the couple were in love then it would be a different story though. Then the man would still be in power. Winterbourne is at first confused by her attitude, and decides that she is nothing more than a young American flirt. ...read more.


He believes whole-heartedly that Daisy is the perfect example of what a woman should not act like. The ways that women are supposed to act were basically set in stone around the time this story was written. In a way though I really think that Daisy just represented women, in a way she was meant to represent America's society as a whole. Around this time in history American women were coming into their own. Society was changing all around the U.S. The idea of a "dependent on male providing" way of life was over in America. However, though we as Americans believe that this is a good change on our part other parts of the world did not feel the same way. ...read more.


A country has to have morals, and that cannot be achieved with out some kind of human balance. That balance can only be there if things stay the way that they have always been. I don't really believe this myself but I do feel that James feels that. It's only natural for the world to change. It's just a part of life, and it is always going to be that way. America may be uncivilized in the eyes of some but, as I'm sure many have noticed, most of the world now has flirtatious girls running ramped around the streets. Now it's not so much a problem, there's Daises everywhere now and I don't really hear anyone complaining now! ...read more.

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