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Damien's big mistake.

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Damien's big mistake This morning I arrived back at school after a brilliant half- term to find that my perfect dorm had been changed around (now where my bed was, another was placed next to it there). Not thinking much of this interruption I followed the staircase out of the top floor in my house across the 5-a-side to the dining hall, to consume an utterly disgusting school breakfast. I returned to my house to find a new face standing there in the entrance hall and I overheard Mrs T saying "And that way is the T.V room." Then my eyes caught her eyes and I pondered whether or not to slide away sneakily or to stay and find out who the intruder was. ...read more.


what it's like," We would usually mention something like "Don't talk to us that way, you gay kev" (to get him worked up you would just call him a 'KEV' or a 'TOWNY') then he would usually start crying and explain that he is not a 'KEV' or a 'TOWNY' and he is a 'SKATEBOARDER'. I thought that he coped quite well A guy in Witley house when he was in year 7, tried to hang himself but his tie broke unfortunately he left in year 9 because he could not stand the school and the people in it. Hopefully Damien won't goes so far as that. No matter how hard he tried when we complimented him when he got into a tantrum he would just throw all the kindness back in our faces. ...read more.


He was driven to smacking that loser in the face. We thought that he was quite lucky. He got an extra long out-weekend. He got suspended but he came back to pick up his possessions and to apologise to everyone for making the dorm hell for a few weeks. Not less than 4 days later he sent Jamie a text message which read as "hi yr8 I'm levng nw but I'm cming in 6 frm see ya frm DS tb" I thought that's sixth form ruined but he should have grown up a little more in sixth form so he won't be such a complaining boring person Hopefully in sixth form he will last more than three weeks BY Charles Evered English Section 3 ...read more.

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