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"Danger room"

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"Danger room" I woke up to the sound of drips on my bedroom roof, i couldn't wait to gewt out of the dump for 3 days. I packed the night before, i didn't i hade so many clothes! I found a some silk sleepsuit, which i recived for chrismas off my antie with the mole on her face, it's a welsh name and i cant say it with out pouring out 1 ton of spit. Mum was feeding the baby as i went down stairs, she was just about to drop him around my nana's, While we went away. Dad has allready out there, we entered a doogy compertion and we didn't read in the terms and contaions that you may not all get on the same flight. I was so excited, I felt like a child on the night before christmas. I couldn't wait to get onto the plane. We got in the car, droped little sam to my nans nad speeded down the motorway to the airport. ...read more.


His jacket was reflecting sun light. If i stayed next to him, i would have court a tan! Bang! I heard a really load bang. I was so scared, you hear so many bad things about New york. All of a suddend a helecopter came shoting down from the bright sky. The letters FBI were on the bottom. Everyone was scared. Then on a big T.V. screen a man appeared and said "Stay calm, your on tv, you all just made fools of you self!" they yanky voice said. They was a grate sigh of releaf. We thought to our self, this must happen all the time in the big appel. Went into this shopping centre, they called it a mall i think. The floor was so clean you could see your reflection in it. We went into a glass lift to the 22d floor. All the shops had ended. They was just offices now. ...read more.


We didn't know what just happened. We thought it was all a dream. The room was dark, there were coboids all around. There were a wall of tv screens. With a flick of a switch, the TV came on. It was my uncle. " welcome to the danger room, i hate to tell you this but you are being hunted. Why? I dont know. You should be safe her. No one can get in, no one can get out unless you press the red button. After i get of the tv screens you will be able to see all round the offices in my work place. Rember... you can reflect the danger back to the enime. Bye for now." Me and mum looked at each and other and wondered what the hell he was on about. We knew somting bad was happeing. We looked at the tv screens. There were 3 men in the room we hade just entered. They were all wearing black. One was tall and hade a mole on has face. One was short and fat. The other guy reminded me of someone but didn't know who. ...read more.

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