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Dangerous Highway

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AMDG 27th October The Dangerous Highway It was a hot day, and the blistering heat from the desert sun was beating down on the run down, black tarmac of highway 69. The rotting carcasses of deceased buffalo and of other animals could be seen scattered around the bare, dehydrated land. Rarely would you find traces of life, such as a single tree isolated in the mist of heat, surrounded by sand and small shoots of life attempting, but failing to grow in the sweltering heat of the Phoenix Desert. Along the side of the seemingly never ending highway, a figure among the dust and scorching heat which caused mirages on the road which gave the impression of moisture on the surface which unfortunately for the living things around the area, this was an illusion. The figure on the highway was a man in his thirties with dark, tattered hair. He had multiple cuts and bruises on his face, each one telling a story of pain and hardship. The man was the once great wealthy business man: Jack Franklin, He was head chairman of Twisted Limited. He was wearing what used to be a Tommy Hilfiger suit but now they had become ripped and had stains of blood, dirt and sweat all over them. ...read more.


He looked down at the area where he had been bitten, it was swollen and blood poured out from it still. He touched it, and cursed in pain. He tried to get up but his legs denied this of him, so his crawled across about 5 meters of the desert and lay flat on the highway. He blacked out again. Fortunately for him, this time when he woke up he was looking out of the blacked out window of a H2 hummer. He analysed the situation and caught a glimpse of the driver through the rear view mirror. His eyes were covered by dark Gucci sunglasses, his face, fixed on the road. "Who the hell are you?" said the man in the back seat, his voice very hoarse from the left over sand in his mouth. Suddenly a man from the passenger seat, who, Jack hadn't noticed, drew out a gun and with the end of it hit him in his jaw, knocking him out instantly. For third time in one night, Jack woke up not knowing where he was. He was lying on a bed in what looked like a hospital. ...read more.


Jack said confused "We want you to use your business negotiating skills to infiltrate the company and try and gather enough information for us to stop this man." Jack frowned and declined the offer. "It too dangerous for me and I'm no spy!" "Would it help if we told you the name of the company and the man involved?" Said Mr.Shellok. "Probably not" Jack replied "But say it anyway" "The name of the company is Twisted Limited, and the name of the man involved is Tyler Jenkins." Jack froze; flash backs of what Tyler had done to him, the anger swelled up inside of him, but him stayed calm and said "I don't know him." Mr.Shellok smiled and brought out a file from him bag. "It says here that Mr.Jenkins took over the company which was once yours, It says here that you tried to get him killed, it says here he had your family killed, it seems to me that this man is your enemy. So help us catch this man, and you will get your vengeance on Tyler." A single tear droplet trickled down Jack's right cheek. He took a deep breathe and said "Well if you out it like that, I accept." A smile was on the face of all the members around the table. ...read more.

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