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Dark Knight Film Review

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The Dark Knight Review First Draft What comes to mind when you hear the word Batman? A dark figure looming in Gotham's alleys? Adam West and Burt Ward ' Whamming' and 'Powing' their enemies? Or possibly one of the greatest films of the decade? It's fair to say that since the 70s,the original comic character Batman has changed( maybe develop this point), reincarnated with many different looks, and the outcome in my opinion is too camp or too dark. In his latest film, the director Christopher Nolan, seems to have the balance just right in The Dark Knight.( try to vary the opening of sentences) The film starts as a heist movie, a bank raid masterminded by the Joker (Heath Ledger), which is apposite as Heath Ledger steals every scene that he's in. Christian Bale also does a great performance (can you improve expression here)as Batman/ Bruce Wayne. However it seems that one of the reasons for Heath Ledger being hailed as the star is the contrast between the Joker and Batman that he brings to the role. Batman is very dark and serious (some might say, boring) ...read more.


when they are grown up: the creator of Batman's gadgets and weapons. The film explores many themes: batman represents hope; he is incorruptible. Harvey Dent symbolises fate or chance.......; Rachel symbolises 'love' as all the males fall for her and loyalty is ..... The film (explores)(has) many themes( in it) and it is almost as if with each character representing represents on of those themes, Batman for hope, as he is incorruptible; Harvey Dent for chance, as he carries around a coin with him to help him make decisions; Rachel for love as it seems Batman, Harvey Dent and even the Joker have all taken a fall for her; Alfred stands for loyalty as he has served Bruce Wayne since he was a child and raised him when his parents were dead; the world would be a much better place if everyone were like Alfred! The special effects in the film are very impressive. One of the more breath taking examples is Two Face who is half man, half burns. Half of his face is that of Harvey Dent, the other half is severe burns. This signifies goes with the 50:50, chance, ' toss a coin' theme of Harvey Dent; in fact Two Face uses the same coin to decide whether to kill someone or not. ...read more.


He chooses to use it only once and then he makes Batman promise to destroy it; he agrees. This is also (reminiscent of ancient Rome)similar to the Caesar idea. When the enemies were at their gates, the Romans would choose one man to have power over them so that they could defeat their enemies; they had to give up freedom and democracy to survive and when the battle was won that one man would go back to his previous position. However the last man that the Romans chose used the power they had given him to rule over them. His name was Caesar. This was what Lucius was worried would happen to Batman if he kept that device. A phrase, which is often used in the film, is " You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain". In fifty years time, there will have been countless incarnations of Batman. Some will be good some will be bad, some will feature Robin, some without him; we'll see familiar faces of villains and we'll also see some new evildoers. But one thing is certain! (about these films. delete?) None will be as good as The Dark Knight. ...read more.

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