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'Dark Knight' Trailer Shows A Joker Hellbent On Chaos

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Write an article for the school magazine, commenting on the trailer for 'The Dark Knight' 'Dark Knight' Trailer Shows A Joker Hellbent On Chaos The trailer itself is nothing short of dazzling, an impressive combination of whiz-bang effects and deft character touches. Batman rides his new motorcycle through the streets of Gotham; a truck overturns on a crowded street; and the Joker is in custody, taunting his captors with a devilish smirk. The opening sequence of 'The Dark Knight' trailer immediately grabs the audiences' attention. But just how does this trailer do it so well? Instantaneously, we see Bruce Wayne from a High angle shot, looking vulnerable and alone. He stands high up on a building looking down on Gotham City, which he is isolated from. The utter darkness creates a sinister and menacing atmosphere, which as far as first impressions go, gives the audience the impression that Batman is an outcast. The camera then zooms round to emphasize that Batman is the main focus and shows the audience how lonely he is. Shot three is a high angle shot of Gotham City. This shot shows the audience the enormity of Batman's task. Through the trailer so far there has been a heartbeat, but in this shot the sound a risen considerably. Suddenly Batman appears and the sounds have been his fear building up to this point. Batman jumps. ...read more.


If anything, they seem designed to inflict the most possible damage. Most terrifying of all for Batman (and audiences, of course) is the way Ledger's Joker seems determined to laugh in the face of death. But were the Joker's real intentions to "Kill the Batman"? The phrase defeats all others. It stands out in the crowd, silence surrounding the immortal words. His manical laughter afterwards shows us all just how psychotic and real he actually is. Ghoulish observation of Ledger shouldn't obscure the brilliance of the other performances, notably Aaron Eckhart as the avenging prosecutor Harvey Dent. Like Batman, he journeys plausibly from the light side to the dark. When he talks to Alfred the Butler, one side of his face is light and the other dark. This implied that he was two-faced. This is evident throughout the trailer. Harvey says at the end "you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villian" which plays on the idea that he is talking about Batman but really, he's talking about himself. The trailer shows him to be 'revealed' to the public and shown in the light, whereas Batman is the opposite: isolated from the world. Harvey is first intoduced by Rachel Dawes. A 'love triangle' has now been introduced with Rachel in the centre of it. Rachel and Bruce take a romantic walk outside and you begin to wonder that when Rachel said "we'd always be together.Did you mean it?". ...read more.


The pace is built up and the action is starting with trumpets. Suddenly there is a dramatic drop in pitch and the music sinks down to the level of the Joker, just before he comes on-screen. When the Joker is on-screen, the music is very unpredictable. Whereas when the Batman is on-screen, the music stays at a steady beat. Christian Bale reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in his continuing war on crime. Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The first fifteen seconds create an omnious atmosphere and keeps us all waiting to see what Batman's future will turn out to be like. Bruce Wayne's alter-ego, Batman, keeps popping up in his 'normal life'. The trailer flashes between shots of Bruce and Batman frequently showing how close his two identities are, yet how distant they are at the same time. Batman/ Bruce's life issues crop up into the trailer as well. It shows how his love life is in turmoil, how 'criminals' want him dead and how he has to become the lesser of two evils to defeat the greater evil. Whereby he's "seen what he has to become to defeat men like him" (a.k.a. Joker). The 'Dark Knight' trailer shows us how the compelling story of the alter-ego Batman has to make a decision to change the way criminals operate in Gotham city forever. He could "die a hero or live long enough to see himself become the villian". He makes the decision for himself, but ultimately for the future of Gotham City. Chantel Sullivan ...read more.

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