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Darkness - creative writitng.

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Darkness The warm September wind brushed the autumn leaves, making a harmonic sound in his ear. For Eric, it sounded like a highly talented orchestra led by a world famous conductor building up to its pounding, earth-shaking climax. However, it was nothing of the sort; a simple wind that blew one second and left the next. It was a picturesque sight, Eric thought to himself as he crossed the road to get home. It was such a great feeling to see his house get closer as he crossed the road; Eric was getting excited at the prospect of inserting the key in his front door and the homely crunch of the key turning in the lock as the heavy door edged open. So comfortable with the notion he just created for himself Eric allowed his neck muscles to completely relax and his head slumped towards the earth. His eyes fastened tightly, unwilling to see his head crash into the street, praying that the pain would not last long - if it all. Eric's eyes were jerked open by the fact that his long, elongated chin had just slammed into the impenetrable ground. Eric laughed quietly to himself, realising that he would not be allowed to die that easily. He would have to make more of an effort than just allowing his neck muscles to relax. Eric focused on the street and actually began to admire it. ...read more.


Eric reached out, in spite of himself, hoping that the lines where not manifestations of his imaginings like the false dreams of warm breezes were. Realising that the line where real objects that could be touched Eric's heart jumped. He ran his fingers across the bold yellow lines, ignoring the rough feel of the road underneath; such insignificant imperfections meant nothing to him at that moment. It was a that moment when Eric saw the one thin that robbed of his smile, the one thing that made all his high hopes come crashing down, it was nothing gigantic - yet it was earth shuddering: it was a speck of grey amongst the bright yellow lines. Eric blinked his eyes, wishing that it was his over working mind playing horrible tricks on him. It was not. Once he opened his eyes from the quick blink more and more specks of grey started to appear. Grey fragments rained down on the yellow lines in their masses. Unable to focus on the grey any longer, Eric raised his head, forcing the muscles he had relaxed only minutes ago, to work again. He let his eyes follow the horribly imperfect yellow lines to their destination. Eric screamed with pure agony when he saw that the lines curved into all encompassing blackness. ...read more.


They were basking him in their glow, and he forced his entire body to turn towards the oncoming lights so his body, like his face, could bask in the warmth. His arms, greedy for the warmth, reached out in front of his body, hoping that somehow, they could feel the warmth before the rest of him did. The lights were close now, so close that the white was actually beginning to blind him. He fought off the urge to close them so as the blackness faded away into the white. His final thought was about the beauty of it all before the blackness completely faded away, and yet, engulfed him in its beauty. He was finally happy: Truly happy. The man driving the vehicle leaped out of his truck, not really comprehending what he had just done. He looked at the crumpled body, the puddle of blood forming around the corpse. The driver wasn't quite sure, and at this point, he really didn't want to examine the body, but he thought the dead man before him was actually smiling. The driver's head swung frantically, searching for some sort of help, but he found none. All he saw was blackness. Distressed, he looked for some sign of life, and his eyes focused on the lone street lamp, the lamp that offered a meagre sign of hope. He began to race towards that light, hoping that there was more behind that light instead of the overwhelming blackness that surrounded it. But all was dark.... By Richard Daglish ...read more.

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