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Darrenjeet Jhita Gothic Coursework

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Darrenjeet Jhita Gothic Coursework The word gothic means 18th Century literature referring to a frightening manner of content being used. I have chosen two gothic novels to indicate the typical features of a gothic novel. One is Susan Hill's 'Women in Black' and 'Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein'. These two gothic novels concentrate on the two major worries within society when these books were published. Frankenstein concentrates on the pre-curser on science fiction. This pre-curser in Frankenstein is man's objective to play god. Frankenstein was written in a period of time when science was elevating but society in general was afraid to accept a progress being made by man they preferred progresses justified by God. Mary Shelly could relate to her novel of 'Frankenstein' to the period of time when it was written because the many people living in the 18th century when she was alive, were driven by religion not by science and new revelations being made by man were considered to be playing god. In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein she states in the introduction of the book that, during the time period when Frankenstein was written the ...read more.


The creature Frankenstein is the result of science and Mary Shelly reminds the readers that Frankenstein, is a result of science by having the creature's creator (Victor Frankenstein) never refer to the creature as a human being. Victor Frankenstein describes the creature as a, lifeless thing that lay at my feet, the wretch with such infinite pains, a yellow scarcely skin covering the work of muscles. Susan Hill's portrayal of the women in black is far different, the women in black is described as a living women. She is described as, an ugly satanic looking thing, like some spices of sea vulture, her face in extreme pallor, her eyes sunken but unnaturally bright. The two accounts of the monster/predator differ in one particular way. Mary Shelly's description of Frankenstein is of a creation not living but at the same time not dead, but Susan Hill's description of the women in black is as if the women in black is a living creature still alive but only in appearance does it look different. ...read more.


The women in blacks victim suffers mentally when he is waiting for the women in black, he describes, waiting in pitch blackness, unsure for a moment of my bearings; I had seen no one; felt nothing. Susan Hill uses tension to keep the reader on the edge to show moral difficulties going through the victim's minds. She also demonstrates how the mind will play tricks on you when you are obsessed with a particular thing or in fear of a particular thing. The Women in Black and Frankenstein both keep the readers gript to the book. The author uses typical gothic features to create tension while reading the book. Both were written in the time of when society has different views on different issues. It is clear that Frankenstein was the earlier of published novels because it focuses on science and how different views of science were perceived. These gothic novels were issues of society but the purpose of the gothic novels is for human beings to push their emotions to the up most extreme, enabling them to enjoy more of the novels as they read them. ...read more.

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