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Dear Dairy, (mysterious day)

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Dear Dairy, (mysterious day) Today was a really special day not only for me but also for my family. I mean it didn't start off any differently than any other day, but somehow I felt deep inside, that there was something different about it. I did not exactly know what at that time, but I could tell that it was not going to be one of those boring, long days of my life. I woke up, it was Saturday, like every Saturday me and my dad went shopping, of course I got in trouble a couple of times, but that was not any different. What was different is the little feeling that I had inside me. Oh, it was only my dad and I going shopping, because my mum was pregnant, she did not really move much at the time. When we came home with the shopping we have found my mum in real big pain. She was not complaining but I could tell, she was nearly as white as our walls, which by the way were so white, that it hurt my eyes when I walked in the room from a darker place. My dad took her straight to hospital and left me at home with my grandma. ...read more.


Sadly my dad was not calling with some good news, he called us to tell us something that I thought would never happen. Instantly my grandmother started crying, she put down the phone and went to the toilet straight away, all I could hear was the loud crying. I had no idea what was going on, I was completely lost in my mind, as there were so many going through me at that moment. After some time my grandmother came out the bathroom and told me she has some bad news. That moment I will remember until the day I will die, it is not forgettable; it is still fresh in my memory. Do not think, that my grandmother told me straightaway, no, we had to go through that "now don't worry, this will not affect you in any way, and there is always another chance..." thing, before I actually found out. But the moment finally came, the moment when my grandmother had to tell me that my mother gave birth to a baby girl, but she was born dead. 'This is the worst day in my life', I thought. I could not believe it, I was shocked, and well I still am, although I am cooling down a bit. ...read more.


I took a sweet and walked back up to my room. I spent most of that day crying my eyes out, but I realised, that I have a special family and nobody could ever take their place, no matter if we're blood related or not. I never asked my parents if what they said was true, but when I started linking the stuff together, no birth certificate and no pictures of me as a newborn, made the situation quite obvious, I AM ADOPTED. So many times in arguments I wanted to bring that subject up, but I could not, it would not pass through my throat, it may upset my parents. I never shared this information with anyone, apart from my diary and I am not planning to either. I will leave it for my parents to come up with it first, if they do not, I guess they will never know, that the secret is not only between them. None of us spoke about the subject of my sister either, so I did not find out why this had happened, but now I can see a long life in front of me and this incident is not going to damage it. It sure left a big gap in my heart that nothing or no one is going to fill. That day is just mysterious for me and I think it would be better left unsolved. ...read more.

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