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Dear Diary.

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Dear Diary Today was a busy day. I made a new friend. He lives down the road and he is called Michael Johnston, he says everyone calls him Mickey. He calls me Eddie. Surprisingly I found out that we were born on the same day. Mickey says some smashing things such as p***ed off and f**k off. I tried to look them up in the dictionary but I could not find them so they could be spelt wrong. I really wanted to know what they meant so I could tell Mickey because he did not know either. Mickey asked me to be his blood brother, he said that it would hurt, it most certainly did! He cut his hand with his penknife and then he cut mine in the same way, we clasped hands and said out loud, "I will always defend my brother." ...read more.


My Mum really scared me; I didn't know what to do. I felt like running away but instead I called her a really rude word, the one Mickey had told me earlier. Mum grabbed me and shook me, I was terrified, I didn't know what was going to happen next. Mum looked shocked as well, then she gave me a hug, it was rather confusing and I was still really angry. When Mum was back to normal I went to play outside. After I had been playing for some time I heard Mickey's voice, it was coming from behind the fence. I really wanted to go to play with him so I crept under the fence when my Mum wasn't looking. Mickey was with a girl called Linda, she was about the same age as me. Mickey said it would be fun to go to the park shoot at the statue of Peter Pan. ...read more.


I was just about to throw my stones when a police lady came around the corner. She shouted, "What do you think you're doing?" I blurted out "Adolf Hitler", she then asked me my name and I said, "Waiting for the ninety-two bus," - I really confused her, it was so exciting. Mickey and I were about to run away but she grabbed hold of us and said she was taking us home. She told Mickey's Mum what had happened whilst I waited outside. Mrs. Johnston did not see me. The police lady then took me home and told my Mum what had happened. She said that Mum should stop my pocket money. After the police lady had gone Mum asked me if I wanted to move house? "Where to?" I said, she said "Anywhere", she said she wasn't very well but I said I wanted to stay here...with my best friend Mickey! Bye for now, Eddie ...read more.

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