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Dear diary.... bullying.

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Dear Diary, I went to my new school today. I came into second lesson, which was math's I immediately noticed the glares about eight girls sat in the corner of the room their eyes like knives and I thought 'if looks could kill I'd be dead.' The teacher looked at me in a friendly kind of way and directed me to the only spare seat in the class next to a boy who was quite chubby .I went to sit down and said "hello" in an attempt to be friendly. He said "hi" back and continued with his work. I took my book out of my bag and sat down .I began to copy the exercises of the white board, about two minutes had passed and a note was passed to me it said: Tara is a slag and so was her mum! I looked around those eight girls sat in the corner were laughing I knew it was them... how did they know my name and how did they know about my mum? A lump appeared in my throat I screwed the note up and put it in my bag. The bell rang at that point and I placed my belongings in my bag. The teacher (Mrs. Van) allowed us all to go I ran out desperate to find a toilet I had a feeling I would be safe there. I ran down the corridor past geography and the offices and eventually found a toilet right by the head masters office and the staff room .I recognized these from when I came to look around I opened the red door to the toilet and walked in I went to the first cubicle and sat on the toilet seat my knees were up by my chin I shut the door and locked it. ...read more.


"Hiya your name is Tamara isn't it?" she asked. "Err no its Tara what's yours?" "Oh my names Jodi you can help me make my lasagne if you want seen as how no-one bothered to tell you it's cooking today. Actually I probably need your help I'm rubbish at cooking", she giggled. "Okay", I said I was glad someone was actually making the effort to speak to me .We had a brilliant time that lesson and gradually I gained her trust enough to tell her how I was being bullied by Lois, Chloe, Kelly and Jamee. She told me that it as quite unlike them and that she didn't understand why they'd do something so cruel for no reason I told her that apparently Jamee was going to batter me at break. She said I should go and speak to the head of year Mr. Arrows and that if she also had a word with them it should calm down a little. We walked to the offices at break together but were stopped on the way. Jamee came up to me and pushed me in the chest. "Jamee STOP IT!" Jodi yelled "She's done nothing to you". "Know what Jodi it's got nothing to do with you and you interfere consider you and Josh over I think somehow he'll pay attention to what I say!" "C'MON DOG I THOUGHT YOU WAS HARD" she said pushing my arm. The crowd gathered around quicker than the speed of light yelling FIGHT! And HIT HER JAMEE! "Leave me alone", I said trying to walk away I turned around she yanked my hair backwards she pulled me. I gasped. She hit me on my chin a right hook ensured I was in pain. ...read more.


I gave Jodi a sympathetic look and the fight broke out. Jamee was getting battered to begin with so Lois and Chloe held Tara down I told them to get off her they were ignoring me. Just at that point Jamee punched her one to many and knocked Tara out .I mean Jamee the biggest puff out of our year just smacked her one and down she went. We all went and ran off. I hid round the corner the three of us just wondering who'd find her first. I turned out Marc out of our year did he notified the teachers and everything was sorted the ambulance came and we thought she'd be better after that .I told them we'd made her suffer enough. The day came when she came back to school Jamee had not let it lie the whole school knew what had happened and everyone ripped the hell out of her she ran home crying .I ran after her calling her back but she never listened, guess she just thought I was gonna give her more crap. We had an assembly this morning and everyone was told the news. The head came in and so did her father he was crying his eyes out she'd died cus she couldn't cope and jumped of a bridge .It was because of us; our fault. He called Gary into his office and he's been excluded it's rumored he wants to speak to me tomorrow .I'm going to get into so much crap cause of this Gary dumped me at break told me it was all my fault and that he hated me. I've killed someone ,lost my boyfriend and am going to get excluded. I need your advice what'll I do... Please help Me, Kelly ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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