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Dear Diary, Today was one of the strangest I’ve had in my long life.

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Dear Diary, Today was one of the strangest I've had in my long life. It all started a while back when we wake up and realize our crops had been picked for us. We thought it was a beautiful crop fairy. How wrong could we be? The fact was that very thing helping us was under our noses the whole time and my family would later reject it like a vile, repulsive monster. ...read more.


He told me that he already had all the food he needed. Then he started to ask me about friends and family. He moved on to tell me emotionally that there were people he wanted to be with, but he was too ugly for anyone to love him. I explained that if he was a good kind man, as he seemed to be, he would be accepted into any household. ...read more.


There was crying, screaming, scuffling and running. All I could do was sit there and look on...no sorry. Listen. I could hear something of immense size hit the floor and something whispered through the air ending with a viscous and sickening thud. The poor fellow...socially outcast and rejected. Obviously the result of another mans stupidity. I sat and cried for his plight. I then realized it was he who pulled our vegetables for us. I tried to tell Felix, but had no success. He would just brush me off. Maybe if more of the population were blind, they could see more clearly. ...read more.

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