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Dear editor: Lately, I have noticed quite a few complaints about celebrity weddings in your newspaper.

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Question:Some people have criticized movie stars for staging extravagant weddings which cost far more than most couples would spend. Critics believe that such weddings could be just as beautiful and memorable if some of the millions of dollars spent were donated to charity instead. Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Post stating your views on this issue and giving reasons for them. Dear editor: Lately, I have noticed quite a few complaints about celebrity weddings in your newspaper. May Cheung's 2,000 guests, Wei Ming's ten-carat diamond ring, and Tara Lee's gown-I heard it's long enough to cover the whole wedding aisle. Some extravagance-- It makes people wonder -why can't celebrities donate that kind of money on charities instead of wasting it all? ...read more.


These happen only once a year." There you go. We all think we deserve a present to ourselves once in a while. The occasion aside, who am I to tell you what to do with your Chinese New Year money? I'm not your parents, and I am no teacher. What will you say if I tell you to give your Christmas money to a beggar? As the Chinese saying goes: it is bad being generous with other people's money. So you are going to tell me to be generous with my own money instead. Right? Okay, I admit: I do not know how much these stars are spending on their weddings; perhaps they did go a little overboard in their celebrations. ...read more.


is the daily living wage for some poor soul in mainland China or India. You may grumble all you want about Tara Lee's carpet-length wedding gown. At the same time, somebody in another part of the world may be begrudging my Haagen-Dazs. Do you want all couples to spend the same amount on their weddings? What would be the fun in that? Getting married would become a cookie-cutter affair-five thousand dollars on the dress, one on the ring, three for the honeymoon, and twenty for the party. Done. No, no, this will not do. Let the celebrities have their grand weddings- if nothing else, they will sustain the wedding industry, keep tabloid reporters in their jobs, make the gossipy fans happy, and give countless others something to murmur about. Sincerely, Chris Wong ...read more.

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