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Dear editor of Sugar magazine. Do you know what affect your magazine is having on teenage girls? Are you aware of the consequences?

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Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you regarding my concern about your magazine, 'Sugar'. Firstly, I am a teenager, a girl. My name is Mary Kate and I am currently 14 years old. I was born in Newham, Britain. Thus, as a teenager, I have a very good understanding of what teenage girls like and what interests them. I was appalled when I saw the front cover of your magazine and could never have guessed it was for teenagers without reading the articles, puff and pug. Do you know what affect your magazine is having on teenage girls? Are you aware of the consequences? My first impression of the magazine was that it was utterly vulgar and very unpleasing for teenagers. I was absolutely disgusted and disappointed to see the magazine mainly about fashion and appearance. As a British teenager, I know that most girls like to take interest into fashion as surveys show 89% of teenage girls in Britain spend their savings on improving their appearance. However, the way in which you have portrayed this implies that this is the only aspect important in a girl's life. This is a stereotypical judgement! The content of the cover lines had really shocked me. In addition, you had claimed that your target audience were teenagers but I was unable to see any real teenage related issues that can help teenagers. ...read more.


By promoting an agony aunt column or a job as an agony aunt in the pug would show that Sugar magazine is a useful magazine for teenagers. In my opinion this would improve your magazine drastically and really highlight that your magazine cares about its readers, thus wishes the best for them. Another article that offended me was "Lads and sex the truth about one night stands". An article that is called "lads and sex truth about one night stands" on the front cover of a teenage magazine implies that girls are interested in sex. This is a stereotype! I, like the other 64% of the teenage girl population are not at all interested in sex or related topics. Therefore I fail to understand why there is an article about sex on the front cover. I understand that you may be trying to cause awareness about sex however the way in which you have worded this implies that sex is a common activity. By using the word "lads" it suggests boys are 'sex hungry' people as the word "lads" was previously used for boys that are sexually active or physical in their movements. This is very unfair on boys as it manipulates teenagers that are reading the article into thinking that all boys are interested in sex. I feel that this article is very inappropriate and should not be on a magazine for teenage girls. ...read more.


How can they learn the negative impacts of stereotypes if you, as a teenage magazine editor, are creating stereotypes? Stereotypes create arguments. Teenage magazines should emphasise and highlight that it should be a person's duty to find out about another person before making judgements. I fail to see this message shown in the magazine. Therefore I am very disappointed and feel that you should do some independent research about the horrifying outcomes of stereotypes. Stereotypes should be avoided at all costs especially in a 'teenage magazine'. This is because teenagers learn a lot from media so, if the media is creating stereotypes, teenagers will feel this is acceptable. As a result, we will have a society full of people who are inconsiderate and act oblivious. Do you want this to be our future? To conclude I personally feel overall that your magazine is targeted at the wrong audience as it is displaying inappropriate messages to the teenagers of Britain. I can assure you that teenagers are not just interested in fashion, appearance and sex. As teenagers, we are going through very unstable, fragile stages of our life and need all the confidence, reassurance and help we can get. However I fail to see any use from the content of your magazine for me just from the front cover. Hence, I feel you should reconsider your magazine and identify whether it is really targeted at the appropriate audience or if the content is too explicit. Thank you for taking your time in reading my concerns and I would be very grateful to see or hear a response. Yours faithfully, ...read more.

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Response to the question

This response is well written; from the first paragraph, the aim of the letter is clear with a variety of persuasive and argumentative techniques displayed. The structure is simple and effective, each paragraph serves it's own purpose to further the ...

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Response to the question

This response is well written; from the first paragraph, the aim of the letter is clear with a variety of persuasive and argumentative techniques displayed. The structure is simple and effective, each paragraph serves it's own purpose to further the writer's argument; furthermore, the points are presented in a logical order which makes the message appear more powerful. The letter is written in a precise manner that answers the question well without wasting words on irrelevant points.

Level of analysis

The content of the essay is excellent. A wide range of points are chosen and analysed in great detail which lead well to the candidate's conclusions. The student shows that they can use different methods of argument, such as the power of three, rhetorical questions, emotive language and repetition. The candidate links many of her points about what the magazine is promoting to social problems, this is good practice as it shows they understand some of the wider contextual issues, and that the argument is important as opposed to mere, petty complaints. A good addition was acknowledging the fact that certain parts of the magazine were good, with the subtle flattery creating a good first impression on the reader which means they will follow the argument more closely.

Quality of writing

The candidate has a good control over language and uses a wide vocabulary. There are few spelling errors and punctuation is excellent, in general. However, perhaps, this student slightly overused certain rhetorical devices such as the rhetorical question, which should be used sparingly to create a bigger effect. Overall though, the letter flows and reads very well, with the range of sentence structures making it an enjoyable read.

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Reviewed by lookitspete 29/02/2012

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