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Dear Editor of Sugar Magazine.....

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´╗┐Dear Editor Of ?Sugar? Magazine, I am a 35-year-old woman and I am blissfully married and I have one daughter, which I adore. I am writing to you because I am absolutely appalled at what illustration your teenage magazine is giving to my daughter and other ?teens? around the UK. I cannot see what is ?teen? about your magazine. This magazine is not what teenagers should be reading and I think you should change your magazine. I have to say that some factors of the magazine are good and acceptable. But, when I read through one of your magazine issues, I found that the main headline is ?how to look sexy?. At the teenage years, I think they should not be reading on this type of issue yet. ...read more.


I do not want this to happen to my daughter. Also, your magazine is encouraging ?teens? to tell their mate ten lies. I consider that as backstabbing their mates. If my daughter gets into telling lies often, she will think it is ok to tell lies when it is not. This could cause her into lots of trouble. Say when she becomes older, she is in a serious situation where she goes to court and lies about something, if she gets caught she will face a fine or even imprisonment. Now you tell me, how would you feel if you child went in to prison? You are trying to persuade teenagers to buy your magazine by saying your magazine is ?Britain?s No1 Teen Mag?. I do not agree that you magazine is ?Britain?s No1 Teen Mag? because I do not even consider that this magazine is for teenager?s, with all the explicit image and text. ...read more.


So what are you trying to say? Our generation women cannot keep their boyfriends and husbands? I think you are stereotyping women and I believe that it is not reasonable. In general, I believe that your magazine is filthy and horrible and I feel some changes are needed to be made. Firstly I think that the image on the front cover should be changed to a more suitable image for ?teens?. Secondly I think you should change the text used in the magazine because is contains worthless information about ?how to look good?. Think you should replace that kind of information with things explaining ?how to study well? and ?revision tips?. Finally I think you should stop stereotyping women and ?teens?. I believe after these changes the magazine will be much better and I would not mind if my daughter was reading the magazine. Your Sincerely Ms Makani. ...read more.

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