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Dear friend - a letter about Animal Farm

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Dear friend! We've just read "Animal Farm" in class. "Animal farm", or "Animal Farm: A Fairy Story" as the original title was, was a little manuscript which was published right after the Second World War by George Orwell, ever heard of him? It was a book that was originally placed in the shelves of children's books, and was read as a fairytale (as the previous title presumed you would do). But behind the naive and sort of innocent surface, there was a hidden message... between the lines there laid a story about political reforms and great historical events. A story about revolution, power and animalism! ...read more.


When I read "Animal Farm", I clearly saw that the animals in the story were actually used to illustrate real human beings from historical revolutions. Just as a puppet show for children. The Russian Revolution, which is the most obvious revolution you would compare the content in the book with, is rewritten in a humorous way, excellent done by the author. With this in mind, it is therefore easy to see that for instance the group of sheep at the farm are the masses, the followers, the kinds that "don't give a damn" about what's going on. That's how the masses in the real life revolution were described as well. ...read more.


to inform the public. He expresses his opinions by letting the readers have a look at the puppet show of the revolutions, a satiric story which warn us against communism and dictatorship. I loved "Animal Farm" because I find it funny, but at the same time educational and interesting. It made me think, and wary of the government! I think this is a book with meaning and moral lessons for everyone; it's suitable for all age, especially pupils and students, so it's perfect for you! I would say this is a unique fable, with a classic theme, and with a brilliant ending (which I won't reveal to you). It's sort of "mind-blowing"! I hope by telling you this that you will experience the same thing! Order it now! It can never be read too often! :) Best regards, Tony. ...read more.

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