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Dear 'Jeremy Kylie Show'

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Mick Desmond Granada Television 3 Oxford Street Northwest Manchester M35 7NA 30th September 2007 Dear Mick Desmond, My name is Jordan Alexander Riley and I'm writing regarding the issue of the most popular daytime TV show. It has come to my attention that 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' which is aired every morning on your TV channel, ITV. I believe the statistics of the daytime TV show is 92% out of the ratings. While 8% were peaking views of your show. A lot of people have been complaining about the show and about how the citizens of the city come on the show from around the country with their home problems. ...read more.


The show opens a lot of the possibilities and can help people save their marriage. I think the show is a very good combination along with "Trisha", & "Jerry Springer". The show is a good way to learn people about their problems and if they don't do anything about their problems that it could turn nasty and end up nowhere i.e. families breaking up'. It's also a good way to educated people who come on the show about everyday life. On the other hand a lot of people argue that the show is a 'FIX'! That the producers are taking 'advantages of citizens around the country for their show'. ...read more.


A lot of people including me (sometimes) agree with Dr. John and generally feel disgusted and feel like the people on the show are getting mocked most of the times. But as I stated above; 'it is' a good way to learn people and how they need to stand on their own two feet and if they don't then they can lose everything and everyone who they love. So if I was you I would get this problem sorted out ASAP. That's if you want the show to continue and become successful like the other previous shows "Trisha" & "Jerry Springer" show. I'd just like to say thanks for taking time to read this letter. Yours Sincerely' Mr. Jordan Alexander Riley ...read more.

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