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Dear Journal.

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Dear Journal My name is Joseph Calliwell and I am 15 years old. I am starting this journal because a big thing is about to happen to my family. My parents have been considering the idea of emigrating for awhile now but they finally decided to immigrate to Canada. I am very mad at my parents, I know that this is a good job opportunity for my father and that there will be lots of new land but I had to leave all of my friends and my homeland, in which I have grown up in my entire life. I know not of anywhere else but my homeland. I have become familiar with all of its unique features. ...read more.


The entire ship smelt of mildew and rotting...umm...it smelled as if the boat itself were wearing away. The boat looked as if would fall apart before we reached out destination. The giant boat was covered in brown flaky rust. The bulky boat ended up getting everyone that was on it to there final destination, the railway. Once my family arrived at the railway, my family took the rail from Halifax to a prairie province. The rail ride was along and incredibly uncomfortable and long. My little sister Julianne kept crying because she was not used to so much traveling at the age of 5. Julianne was restless I could tell, she wanted to be back at our old home in her warm and comfy crib, I couldn't agree more with her. ...read more.


My mother loves to sew; she sewed all our clothes out of scratch. Even though this new home is a lot different than my old home it has its own unique features that I am sure I will grow to love. My entire family has begun getting accustomed to our new home. We have come to the conclusion that it is not a house that makes a home but the family that makes a home. So far, farming has been good my father has even gotten me and my sister a new pair of boots for the long winter that is ahead. I am no longer mad at my parents for uprooting me from where I was born because I have grown to enjoy this place and everything about it. Sincerely, Joseph Calliwell ...read more.

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