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Dear mother,

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Dear mother, I know my father thought he was doing a good thing for me getting me a job in Macbeth's castle and to be honest so did I. But with the way things have been going lately I'm not so sure its such a great place to work. When I first worked here every thing was fine Macbeth had just been named king. After the tragic death of Duncan but even that didn't seemed to be bothering Macbeth he just seemed happy to be king. And his relationship with Lady Macbeth couldn't have been better. But his emotions and relationship with Lady Macbeth's son changed. ...read more.


Actually now that I come to think about it he's never seemed to be the same joyful, brave and strong man that he was before the death of Duncan and he was named king. He was always acting as if he didn't deserve his crown. I can't see why though. But ever since the day Banquo died things started to get very strange. That night Macbeth was having another one of his parties with Banquo as one of the guest. But he never came. And every time Macbeth said anything about him he would start to go into a trance staring at the same empty chair each time. ...read more.


Things are starting to look bad. The last few days Macbeth has suddenly found a new confidence he thinks he is invincible. I've never seen him this confidant before. There is no doubt that an attack will come now. I'm starting to get worried there is practically nobody on outside. Lady Macbeth has killed her self she jumped from her bedroom window it still didn't seem to take the shine off Macbeth's confidence though. I don't think anything will now. I cant stay here any more it isn't safe the enemy is approaching I must flee. I hope I can get this letter to you. And I hope to see you again soon. Lots of love Jon. ?? ?? ?? ?? Macbeth ...read more.

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