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Dear Mr. Ben Dupre, This is in response to one of your articles, Do animals feel pain from your book about philosophical ideas

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Damini Jain 0018 Pathways World School Media Text Response- 3rd Assignment Do Animals Feel Pain? Dear Mr. Ben Dupre, This is in response to one of your articles, ?Do animals feel pain? from your book about philosophical ideas. I was reading your book and some of the themes you wrote about are ones that have crossed my mind many times but there is no true answer to any of these questions. ?Do Animals Feel pain? caught my attention as I?m a very passionate animal enthusiast and am part of a couple of animal activist groups and feel very strongly against cruelty to animals. ...read more.


If they were able to communicate with us I?m sure they would express their pain. Humans are the leading species on planet Earth; therefore we have an unsaid authority over all other species. Pain is felt through nerve receptors in human beings as our nervous system is built in us so we can feel, through the same way animals to have a nervous system very similar to ours making humans and animals respond to stimuli in the same fashion. Their genetic makeup is very similar to ours and every cell in their body contains 23 chromosomes, they can feel, see, hear, smell and taste the same way we can. Beings so similar to us, they undoubtedly feel pain. ...read more.


They are a major source of food for human beings, are a mode of transport, give us companionship and make our lives a lot easier. Nevertheless humans cause each other pain as well; some humans even take pleasure in doing so, these revolting people get happiness out of other peoples pain and if they don?t feel guilty about causing other humans pain I highly doubt their going to mind causing animals pain. It is because of these unethical people some animals are treated so cruelly. Animal welfare groups like PETA make sure animal cruelty does not take place but these organizations cannot be accountable for all the animal cruelty happening around the world. Nevertheless animals do definitely feel pain and that?s un-questionable. Sincerely, Damini Jain ...read more.

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