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dear year 6 students

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Dear year 6 students, Do you want to succeed? Want the very best for yourself? Want to fulfil your dreams? Then, come to belle vue boys school Why? The reasons are endless. Our exam results are the best you can get. Evidence shows each year Belle Vue Boys' grades increase rapidly every year. Students are getting 5 A-C for fun, but many achieve higher grades; this is because of the high- quality teaching and cutting-edge facilities. We have also got the best resources in the whole of Bradford If you want to fulfil your dreams and highest expectations, join Belle Vue Boys; it's the key to success.. That's just the beginning. Surely, you want to succeed the highest expectations of yourself. ...read more.


This will happen if you join belle vue boys; the main aim of the game is for you to succeed in life, joining belle vue boys is also telling every one that I am going to succeed in life get the best job and earn enough money as I want. belle vue boys school isn't only about education it also has facilities to keep you fit and healthy and to occupy your time to also stay out of trouble, it has the best facillites in the whole of Bradford, 2 million has been spent on on the eqpuiment and to build a gym that is all for you for you to use when ever you want. It will keep you fit healthy and strong that will also keep your mind cool therefore Belle Vue Boys School is not always about the learning and revising its also about having fun. ...read more.


For example if you learn how to do quick formulas in Microsoft Excel and a few years later you need to do put in the formulas for some work that you are doing then you are going to complete this quickly. We understand that knowing skills in particular subjects are important but that getting along with people is a important skill as well. Getting along with people to us is known as an important skill. We can assure you that Belle Vue Boys School is a safe, happy and secure place. With Every Community and race working together aswell as getting along with each other. We take any kind of discrimination very seriously and we will not tolerate any of that in the school. We want to see and make everyone else's opinion to be that Belle Vue Boys School to be a friendly environment so that everyone is welcome. In ...read more.

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