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Dearest lady Macbeth,

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Dearest lady Macbeth, It has been so long since I last spoke to you. The battle in Scotland was extremely bloody. The scorching sun was as hot as a furnace; it over powered me with its heavy light and blinded me as I glanced towards it. The oily sweat of sticky Norwegian blood was gleaming under the sun as it ran down my muddy forehead. My sword was smoking as it sliced through the air into the enemy's chest, his blood shot out like a flaming arrow out of hell and landed softly onto my blood ridden face. The man fell silently towards his grave. I slipped the sword out of the narrow hole in his chest. My mouth was closed tight but the bitter taste of the blood slid down the back of my throat. I had grown tired, my sword felt as though it was an anchor; I had to drag it through the sticky mud. ...read more.


A cold chill brushed past me and the air got thin as I stepped, fearfully closer to the disgusting state that lay before me. They were swinging their long, bony arms towards us while chanting evil words. The hot weather suddenly turned to a cloudy grey sky with roaring thunder and rain that was as hard as hail. It happened in seconds, it was like magic. Their ear piercing voices were calling my name and told me that I was soon to become Thane of Cawdor. Banquo and I looked at each other with great disbelief but then they carried on and told me that I was going to become King hereafter. Banquo and myself felt like laughing. The complete madness they spoke of made us think how great it would be to sit in the King's throne and order people around, but it could only be left as a thought... or could it? ...read more.


It goes against everything and nature will be overturned. I wiped the images from my confused mind and carried on riding. We reached the dwarfing ramparts of Duncan's castle; the soggy wooden bridge lowered as softly as a cloud. We climbed off our tired horses and led them to their stables. The doors opened and there in his full glory sat the King. He was sitting on his tatty throne with a golden crown on his head. He presented me with the medal, which was as bright and large as the sun itself. There was brief applause, but then Duncan announced the horrifying news - Malcolm was to be his successor!! I felt that I had been repeatedly stabbed in the heart. Several feelings were invading me at once. I was hurt, mad, outraged! There was only one way I could become King now... to kill both Duncan and Malcolm. The King is coming to stay at our castle, we will strike then. Don't utter a word to anyone; we will talk about this at length upon my return. Speak to you soon, my love. Macbeth Thane of Cawdor ...read more.

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