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Death Alley.

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Death Alley "You coming over Death Alley tonight Lisa?" asked one of my best mates Amy as we banged into each other at the lockers. We have a habit of doing that. "Yeah, everyone is going!" I replied. It was Friday 13th, and we were going to Death Alley, an alley which everyone left alone on Friday 13th, everyone was too scared to go near it. It was a dark foreboding place with a eerie feeling around it. Tramps sleep in there apart from The 13th, even there are too scared to be there! "I'm telling the story tonight, I'll see you there at six!" ...read more.


She was a rich girl but very lonely and had many enemies. She thought she was better than most people in the town, because of her money. But she never came out the other end of the alley. The next day the police found her dead body down the alley. Ever since that night, Elizabeth would appear on the night of Friday 13th, down the alley, and kill her victims. So beware my friends, don't walk down Death Alley on Friday 13th!" There was a deadly silence among the group. "I know what!" exclaimed George...the daredevil breaking the silence which shocked us all. He was the brave one out of the group. Nothing scared him. He was like a lion. ...read more.


We started to walk. Slowly at first, but then picking up speed. I could hear the others hooting behind us. It was pitch black. I could just about see in front of me. There was a funny smell. What about if there's a dead body down here now and that's what I can smell? I was running a hand along the wall to make sure I was walking in a straight line. It was rough like sandpaper. My hand ran into something sticky. A spiders web. CRUNCH! Just a hard leaf under Mark's shoe. There was rubbish all over the floor. The empty crisps packets and chocolate wrappers sounded like I was crushing rat's bones as I stepped on them. I grabbed Mark's hand as we turned the corner. "ARRRGGGHHHH! THERE SHE IS! THERE'S ELIZABETH JONES!" ...read more.

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