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Death by Chocolate

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- Media Coursework - Death by Chocolate For the purposes of this essay I am going to deconstruct an advertisement for a chocolate gateau called 'Death by Chocolate'. This advert originally appeared in the 1996 Marks and Spencer Christmas catalogue. It is obviously appealing to the middle aged working populace who think of themselves as part of the upper segment of society and are battling between their wives and mistresses. This advert is initially split into three main sections. The first section has the slogan 'Its no Angel cake' planted on a rich red velvety background. The second section is the copy with the title of the cake almost signed at the bottom and two similar boxes of the cake on top. This section is sandwiched in between the slogan and the main picture, a bit like the layers of the cake which are crammed against each other. The last section is the largest taking half of the page and shows the cake neatly placed on a plate. A huge chunk has already been taken and crumbs of the flaky chocolate layer can be seen on the plate. ...read more.


It uses many long and short sentences to give it a varied pace and make it an enjoyable and user friendly read. The copy directly addresses the reader: 'You won't see Death by Chocolate...' this adds to the striking and somewhat comforting affect of the text to the reader. The beginning of the copy starts of commenting on the cake not being found in any vicar's house with the exception of those that have appeared on the News of the World. This is the depiction that only the sinful and corrupt vicar's who have affairs and misuse their authority appear on the News of the World and so since this cake is so tempting and lustful only those who have the will to submit to these sins will consume this cake. This cake is everything but innocent and the text implies that it is 'harmful' but to such an extent that the consumer will not be able to resist the temptation. The use of rather babyish language such as 'fwuffy wuffy...' is used to mock the consumer almost daring them to indulge themselves with the cake. It is influencing the consumer to challenge their temptation to cheat on themselves with the cake like they would cheat on their partners with an accomplice. ...read more.


Furthermore, the reference to Lolita, the temptress in a Russian novel, who indeed looked 'sweet' but was destructive due to her ability to seduce powerful men with her charms, implies that this cake is vicious like Lolita though it may look sweet and innocent. It is astonishing that the writer entails that the cake may kill its consumer. This is the conception of excess and definitive indulgence in the advertisement that tempts the reader into buying the product. I think that the target audience for this advertisement are the middle aged businesspeople who devote their lives to work and forget the pleasures of life and the humour of sex. The use of excessive sexual imagery and the great emphasis on the immense indulgence that the cake portrays to the reader shows that the target of the advert is really for those who are unable to experience such delight. Also, the ostentatious use of phrases and the application of expressions referring to the sexual characteristics of one makes this advert rather more pointed towards the cheating sinful section of society than the faithful segment. The overwhelming importance given to the simple sexual enjoyment of this alluring product certainly expels young children off the list. ...read more.

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