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Death Came Out of a Clear, Blue Sky.

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Death came out of a clear, Blue Sky. That is where the story begins-the only story we can tell, the only story we want to hear-with the kind of clear, blue sky that you only get in autumn in New York City. The day was crisp and cloudless and made you feel glad to be alive. A day when anything seemed possible. Then death came out of that clear, blue sky, changing everything, tearing apart all those lives, and we learned just how much the people of the western world are hated. A passenger jet had just crashed into the north tower of the world trade centre in New York when a packed 767 appeared on the horizon. It was 18 minutes after the first devastating impact. Fire fighters, ambulance crews and rescue teams were swarming the area in desperate bid to save the thousands of workers trapped in the blazing building. ...read more.


It was not clear who was behind the devastation, but the prime suspect was Osama Bin Laden, known as the grand master of terrorism, who has vowed eternal war against the west. As the entire western world reacted with horror, Palestinians danced with joy in the streets of Jerusalem. The newspapers spoke of a young girl who was made to watch a terrorists slit the throats of air stewardesses, then died as her plane smashed into the World Trade Centre. The terrorists used razor-sharp craft knives to kill the air stewards and stewardesses or anyone else who got in the way of their plans. Disturbing details of the nightmare were revealed by doomed passengers in horrific calls to there loved ones. The terrorists made the passengers ring there loved ones to tell them that the plane had been hijacked and that they were all going to die. One stewardess rang her husband and her son answered the phone, she told him that she loved him and that she will always look ...read more.


Thousands of rescuers put their own lives on the line as they battled violently among the carnage of the World Trade Centre looking and hoping to find survivors of the atrocity. Streets usually buzzing with the sounds of life were instead engulfed in silence and the thick cloud of dust that is all that remains of the famous twin towers. Officials estimated that between 10,000 and 20,000 people had been in the buildings at the time of the collapse, and that more than 10,000 were missing. There were four planes hijacked on September 11th, one plane was thought to be heading to destroy the White House but brave pilots over powered the terrorists and managed to stop the terrorist by taking their own lives. Its departure was New Jersey and was supposed to be landing in San Francisco. All 38 passengers, both pilots and the five flight attendants died in the crash. After the shock of the destruction came the sorrow. The world wept an ocean of bitter tears; the peoples lives will always be remember on the day that the world stood still. ...read more.

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