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Death - creative writing.

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Death "Please keep calm and listen to your medical report," said the Doctor, expressionless. I had a sinister foreboding that something bad would happen, yet I tried to console myself. "I should be healthy, right?" I asked, eager for a positive reply, but trembling incessantly at the same time. "Johnson Herman, we had an overall check-up for you, but to discover that there are tumors in your small intestine near the stomach. It blocks your bowel and that's why you could feel pain in the middle of your abdomen," explained the Doctor. However, I still could not understand how my situation now was. Was it serious or minor? "So, is it very serious now? Any way to treat my case?" I asked. The muscles of my face started to froze and my body was fidgeting. "Actually, it is a kind of small intestine cancer, called Adenocarcinoma. For the recovery process, it depends on individual's general health," the Doctor dropped the bombshell. "Cancer?" I was stunned, at a loss for words at that very instant. ...read more.


Nevertheless, my friends were still little. Sometimes, I even being hated, ignored just because being too sensitive. I regretted - regret for not treating my friends well, regret for not being an acceptable friend and a good son to my family, regret for not behaving well...Everything was too late now ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was 31 December, the last day of the year. It would be the beginning of my new life starting from tomorrow - a new year. I was going to the capital to further my studies, but receiving treatment there simultaneously. ... The day finally came. I reached the airport. Peering here and there before entering the departure hall, I could only see no even a dark figure of my friends. Despite the sheer state of disappointment, I left. After registering at my college, I chattered a taxi and headed for Hospital Malaya. I was going to seek for treatment there. My case was transferred to the specialist here, named Dr. Steven Chang. He read my case and planned a series of treatments for me. ...read more.


I was touched on the graduation day, indeed. Nevertheless, such time did not last longer ...While taking photo with my family, I fell unconscious ... I was admitted to the hospital. Everything was revealed. When I regained my consciousness, I could only see mom's tearful face... I was feebly at that very moment. "Mom, it's okay," I said, gasping labourously. "Son, you have suffered a lot, but mom was not accompanying you. Mom felt sorry," said mom in a melancholic tone. "Anyone you hope to meet now?" asked dad. "Friends..." I answered. That night seemed endless... The room was blanketed with dead silence, while I staring at the door, hoping someone would come ... I felt tired... Holding dad and mom's hands, with the brightest smile, yearning for my friends, I closed my eyes... Deep in my heart, I knew, I had no remorse... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To: C. A. L. L. Y. W. K. I cherished all the time we had - the moments we shared our happiness; the moments we endured hardships together and the moments of togetherness. Thanks for the good time you all had given me. But, sorry for all my faults and inconveniences that caused before, too. Anyway, my life was colourful because of you all... ...read more.

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