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Death of a salesman

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Death of a Salesman: Discuss the importance of dreams in the play After studying 'Death of a Salesman', which won the Pulitzer Prize and the Drama Critics' Circle Award, I realised that a lot of dreams take place, but not only in the story but even in real-life situations because all the time you are thinking of fantasies and what you are going to do in the future. In 'Death of a Salesman' dreams such as the American dream, daydreaming, hopes and ambitions, fantasies, etc, take place. These dreams not only motivate the characters but also explain and influence their behaviour as they try to dream what is going to happen to them in the future. Hopes and ambitions play a vital part of being rich because Willy, Biff and Happy have always had an ambition of being rich, most significantly the 'million dollar idea', which was invented by Happy, whose real name is Harold. ...read more.


I think the most important thing to Willy was to pay off the mortgage before he died because Biff and Happy were not getting decent jobs and Linda does not have a job. This is also why I think Willy believes in the American Dream because he has to pay the mortgage and to pay it off you have to have money, so you have to have a good way of earning money. The recurrence of consumer goods tells us that the 'Lomans' care more about their appearance outside the house than their problems inside the house. The things important to the Lomans are things that will make them popular such as money. Out of all the characters, I think that Willy was the most affected by the American dream because he is always dreaming of things that are beyond him and things that he knows that he will not be able to achieve. ...read more.


Biff had always wanted to become a salesman and graduate in math but unfortunately, he realized that these things were wrong for him. Willy's ambitions come from Dave Singleman, while Biff's ambitions come from Willy. I think that Willy's ambitions were quite realistic whereas Biff's was not because he kept on stealing stuff from Kansas City. Willy spends a lot of time thinking about the past so that in the future he does not do the same mistakes and he would like to think about what would happen if he didn't do the things that he had done. When Willy exaggerates events, he does it so people would have more respect for him and he would become more popular around his area and becoming popular is all about the American dream. So, again the 'stories' he says are all to do with the American dream. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zaid Patel English Coursework Mr Mahabir ...read more.

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