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Death of A Salesman Essay

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Death of a Salesman My first impression of Willy is that he is a man whose mind is disintegrating and becoming incapable to do things on his own. 'You didn't smash the car, did you' shows that Linda, his wife, believes he is becoming unstable. 'I'm tired to the death' is a quote from Willy and this shows us that Willy is a tired man. Because death is regarded as something that happens to bad people or old people this quote could also show that Willy is a bad person or that he is old and worn out. Within the opening conversation between Willy and Linda I have got the impression that Willy is disillusioned. The conversation between Willy and Linda changes repeatedly from one subject to another which to me shows that Willy is losing his mind and focus. Loman is a pun and creates the impression to me that Willy is a morally Low Man. ...read more.


The name Happy is ironic because the truth is that he isn't happy. Happy has never allowed himself to turn towards defeat which shows he is being unrealistic and won't believe his Dad is false. Inside Happy lacks the right work ethic and integrity which should lead to him understanding the American Dream is flawed. 'Men built like we are should be working out in the open' gives the impression that Happy believes that because he has muscles he will be a success. This belief has come from his Dad who has taught Biff and Happy the wrong morals. Because Happy has wrong morals and the wrong work ethic because he can't get promotion at work he has sex with the wife or wife to be of his boss so that he can feel good about himself which also shows he is shallow and has the wrong surface values. My first impressions Biff are that he is a ruthless man. ...read more.


This proves that their relationship is very poor if Willy has to lie to Biff and Happy so they think he is a good person. From pages 21 to 24 I can see the realities of Willys working life. Willy had bought a cheap brand fridge in order to fulfil part of the American Dream in the sense that you have to have most household goods. The fridge has to have a new fan belt every so often which means Willy has fell for the advert that suggests the product is good. The irony with this is that a salesman has fell for the advert which shows the reality that Willy isn't a great salesman as a great salesman wouldn't do that. Willy is physically fat and customers call him. This is ironic as he always encourages Biff and Happy to be as strong and powerful as they can in order to be successful. From this you can get the impression that the reality is Willy is not a good salesman and he knows he isn't. ...read more.

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