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Death Of A Salesman (Linda Analysis)

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Death Of A Salesman Willy calls Linda, 'My foundation and my support.' Do you think that this sums up her role in the play? Linda is a mother to Biff and Happy Loman, a wife to Willy Loman. She is always loyal and caring towards Willy even when he is rude to her. She suffers as she watches his condition deteriorate, and she is very helpless. During this essay I will be discussing Linda's behaviour and language, the way she is perceived by other characters, her relationship with Willy, the effect of the woman on Willy and Linda's relationship in order to answer this question. There are many positive aspects of Willy and Linda's' relationship, which can justify that Linda's role in the play, is to aid Willy. Whenever Willy enters the room and Linda is present she will fuss over him. At the beginning of the play, she 'takes off his shoes' and questions him repeatedly about his trip. She also takes his coat off, and offers him an aspirin to make him feel better. ...read more.


Linda and Willy's relationship is not all-positive. Willy's affair with Linda is an obvious argument against this statement. The relationship between Willy and the woman is different to that of him and Linda. Raw sensuous music plays when the woman is visible and none is played when Linda is on stage. Willy's relationship with the woman is out of desperation, he justifies it as, 'She's a buyer. Buys for J.H. Simmons'. Willy's relationship with Linda is to satisfy the norm of society that is the family is part of the American dream. Linda in character is more level headed and seems to be in control whilst the woman seems na�ve and childish in the way she demands the 'stocking' from Willy. Linda has to 'mend her own stockings' and it gives Willy a constant reminder of his time with the woman. Willy's infidelity suggests that Linda's is not always his foundation and support. The way which Willy treats Linda sometimes is also revealing. Even when Willy answers her rudely with replies such as,' didn't you hear me?' ...read more.


His anxiety to protect her displays the undercurrent feeling in him that she is emotionally not very strong and needs to be protected. Biff later tells her that Willy 'always wiped the floor' with her and 'never had an ounce of respect' for her, emphasising the fact that he believes she is weak. Even thought he sees her as weak, Biff still treats her charming Linda by asking her to 'dye it again? [her hair]'. When Ben is leaving to go to back to his business, he takes her hand and bows and says, 'it was an honour and a pleasure to meet you, Linda.' He treats her as he would treat his own wife, and displays affection to her like his brother. The way the other characters treat her in the book is significant because all but Biff see her as a strong supportive character, supporting the statement at the beginning. In conclusion, to Willy, Linda is his foundation and his support as with many characters she is. Compared to many of the women, she is a strong character. Natania Duhur 11A Stanley English Homework ...read more.

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Response to the question

This essay responds well to the task, looking at Linda's role thoroughly. What I liked about this essay was the way they engaged with the quote, and always argued whether Linda is Willy's foundation and support. Examiners like to see ...

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Response to the question

This essay responds well to the task, looking at Linda's role thoroughly. What I liked about this essay was the way they engaged with the quote, and always argued whether Linda is Willy's foundation and support. Examiners like to see this, as too often candidates see the question is about Linda and just talk about everything they can think of. Being able to stay focused on the question will make your argument more convincing and gain more credit for your analysis as it becomes more relevant. I would've liked to have seen some discussion of why Miller has Linda have such a central role to the play, looking more heavily on the audience response rather than how Linda shapes the plot.

Level of analysis

The analysis here is okay, but there is plenty of room for improvement. A very noticeable trait of this essay is the way they refer to characters as if they are real and make decisions. For example the essay writes "Linda always refers to Willy as 'darling' and 'dear'". I would be replacing this with "Miller has Linda's speech always refer to Willy as 'darling' and 'dear'" which would then force me to discuss why he does this. It is crucial you talk about Miller's constructions, as this shows the awareness of drama as an effective medium for evoking an audience response. There is good language analysis, but sometimes it needs to be more explicit. Why does Linda's language suggests she is the support of Willy? There is exploration of Linda being the norm to society, however this isn't elaborated upon. If I were writing this essay, I would be looking at how contemporary audiences would respond to Linda being unable to prevent Willy's tragedy, etc. Overall, the points are good, but I just feel there needs to be that further step to explain why Miller uses the techniques.

Quality of writing

The essay has an okay structure. There is an introduction, albeit not very strong. I'm not a big fan of the first person, as the essay states "I will be discussing" but prefer to see an introduction which summarises the argument and poses a strong critical voice. The first person is unnecessary and suggests your arguments are personal and opinion based. It's not good to see that some paragraphs here were one sentence - it doesn't show the ability to structure a proper argument. A paragraph that is overly short suggests you cannot explain or expand upon your points. Many of these one sentence paragraphs could be brought together with other points to make a more coherent argument. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are fine.

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Reviewed by groat 14/04/2012

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