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Death Revolver

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Death Revolver Higher English - Creative Essay The sun blazed over the desolate town. The dusty, wooden buildings stood in anticipation. They observed the two grim men standing frozen in time. An eerie silence washed over the town interrupted only by the occasional screech of the spectating ravens. One of the men, the one standing with his back to the deserted tavern called Bloody Mary, stared intently into his rival's eyes. There was a distance of ten yards between the men who stood facing each other like serpents ready to strike. The man near Bloody Mary was clad in a brown worn-out leather jacket over a white linen shirt. The torn round hat matched his jacket and shoddy boots. He had the words, "Rose" tattooed innocently across his arm. It was a well known fact who Rose was. ...read more.


Jacob eyed the silver revolvers embroidered with gold designs. He thought about his own rusted, half-damaged guns and grimaced. The sun scorched his face; he felt the heat warming the side of his face. His heart pounded and beads of sweat slid down the side of his face. He could hear the drumming now in his ears. The steady drumbeat thudded loudly growing in intensity. It wanted him to act, to move his hands now. He ignored it forcing himself to remain calm. He wanted vengeance, revenge for the killing of his fianc´┐Że by this notorious outlaw. Rage swelled up in him as he remembered how he had failed to protect her. He breathed out slowly expelling the fury. ...read more.


His hands grasped the cool metal, his fingers sliding over the rusted catch. His fingers slipped. He fumbled over the trigger now slippery with sweat. And pulled back firmly however before he could fire, something bit him. Directly in the chest. He stared in shock at Outlaw who stood ten yards away with his hands grasped firmly around his silver, smoking guns. It was like being punched. The bullet had driven his breath out. Jacob collapsed to his knees forcing himself to breathe. He fell back hitting the road. Dust and sand sprayed across his back. Outlaw stood over him. His cold and calculating face analysed Jacob. There was no remorse or triumph in those black eyes. No emotion flickered across his face. Outlaw raised the silver revolver directly at Jacob's forehead. Jacob never heard the impending gunshot. Everything went black before that. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arfan Rauf Arfan Rauf - S5 Higher English - Mr Sloan ...read more.

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