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Death slope. She thought it was easy, it was the basics though. She was enjoying skiing around on the flat surface of snow. It was quite a joyful moment as she had learnt something new.

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Death slope ''Oh my,'' the young woman said delightfully. The sun was gleaming over the magnificent range of mountains. The view was rather incredible, vivid and pleasing. A view that was picturesque, strikingly expressive. However, as admirable as the view was there was fear in her mind. A shiver sped down her spine. It was time to take on something that she had never done before. Was this exciting or fearful? Maria was on a school holiday to Stowe in America. It was an exhausting journey to the other side of the world. She had never been to America so she was thrilled about seeing it. Although she was going there to ski, she had no complaint of anxiety or fear even though she had never skied in her life. She couldn't wait to get settled into the accommodation and learn to ski. She gathered her skis and put on plenty of layers and couldn't wait to get started. She was put in the beginners group; luckily her best friend was also a beginner so there was no worry of feeling alone. ...read more.


Strangely, she was eager to try that again. She wanted to be more reckless, there was a thrill about it. There was this adrenaline rush that she had never felt before. She was definitely willing to try intermediate skiing even though she was just a beginner. Their leader was impressed with their progress, and was doubtless about any sort of catastrophe at the peak. Although Maria experienced a few tumbles, the instructor allowed them to go up the cable lift to try out some steeper slopes. Maria was strangely excited about this; it was the fear of trying something difficult but the thrill of having done it and the feeling of joy after it. She reached the summit of a small mountain, sweating under ample layers of fleece; she took the longest deep breath and told herself, '' You can do it Maria, come on,'' and she was ready to let go. Maria's instructor told her to ski side to side as this would help maintain her balance and so she got hold of the pole and stood to the side of the slope. ...read more.


She saw a large boulder coming up rapidly towards her. Quickly, she wrenched her foot around to change the angle of the skis. The leather strap holding her boot on snapped and her ski smashed into a boulder. She twisted round and was flung in the air. She felt no pain but was winded and shaken, angry at herself for having sped so fast with a strap which was obviously wearing thin. Regaining her breath she tried to stand up. A sickening pain shot through her lower leg. She realised that she had broken it. Painfully she searched her pockets for a whistle and luckily it was there. She kept whistling to alert someone but she began shivering violently because the sun had disappeared. Also, she started to feel very fatigue. Then, the instructor heard the whistle and rushed to the scene. Maria just led there in her half dreaming state and then she remembered nothing more. Maria woke up in a hospital bed with her best friend holding her hand, looking anxiously over her. Maria was exhilarated, happy to be alive. This was clearly the last ski trip for Maria but the deathly experience will live with her forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Miruna Narendradasan 10-2 3/4/11 ...read more.

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