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Deaths of romeo and juliet

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In my essay I am going to investigate one of the most indisputable debates in society today, this subject has been argued for many years and still to this day an unknown issue, this controversial question is: Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?. Throughout my essay I am going to undertake and explore who is to blame for this mind boggling question that has been a common debate for many decades. First of all I would like to explain the plot of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, It is a tale based on two young lovers who share a deep passion for one another, and throughout the story they overcome every obstacle that is placed in their way. Their strong bond for each other shows that love really does conquer all, except death. How I decided on choosing the characters to blame was quite hard but through carefully examining, I believe I have enough information to present my view, I have also searched through the Internet and books for additional information that will hopefully provide me with evidence so that I can explain my opinion of who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


Another way Romeo contributed to Juliet and her death was his violent temper, he acted on impulse when he killed Juliet's Tybalt and her suitor Paris, we can see this as Romeo says "Staying for thine to keep him company, either thou, or I, or both must go with him" when he kills Tybalt, Romeo's quick decision to kill Tybalt almost makes the reader feel sympathetic towards Tybalt. My next choice for who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is Juliet Capulet, It is clear that the female protagonist meant no harm, Juliet did not intend to hurt anyone in anyway however she did deceive and disobey her parents by continuing to love and visit Romeo e.g. when Juliet finds out Romeo has killed Tybalt she appears to be upset yet marries Romeo without any feel of guilt. Juliet showed similar traits to Romeo by being too hastily and rushing in to marriage, she knew how strongly her family hated the Montague's and still she turned her back on tradition. ...read more.


Tybalt was arch enemies with Romeo and for his cousin to fall in love with him caused more animosity between himself and Romeo. It could be argued that his deep anger and hatred towards Romeo led not only to his death but for his cousin Juliet and his enemy Romeo as well. My final choice was by no means a character in the film it is Fate itself, it has been a conflict that the deaths of Romeo and Juliet was by no means anyone's fault in particular but it all happened because of sheer bad luck and fate. Many believe that it was fate that Romeo and Juliet met and fell in love, it was fate that Tybalt and Mercutio died, and it was even more fate and bad luck that Romeo did not receive the letter which could of saved them both from death. In my conclusion I would have to say that deaths of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet is indeed a very difficult and seemingly unanswerable question but in my opinion I would blame both deaths on a series of events that was sparked on by Fate. ?? ?? ?? ?? Enda Murphy E22 ...read more.

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