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Debate on whether schools should wear uniforms

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Debate My name is Craig and I am seconding for the motion that this house believes RGS is to restricting. I will talk about schools studying religion, whether learning a foreign language or doing P.E or swimming should be compulsory. I will start with schools studying religion. Pupils are unable to consent to school prayer and the study of religion. A pupil does not opt into the practice of prayer. The practice typically takes place in the context of an assembly or in a lesson at which attendance is compulsory. The consent of the pupil to the prayer is not sought but merely presumed. We propose that students have the right to choose whether they feel comfortable studying and listening to religious activities. ...read more.


So really does that child have a choice? I will now talk about whether learning foreign languages should be compulsory. It should be up to the individual to decide what is useful for them to study. A pupil may not want a job that would need a foreign language. It is wrong for the government and for the pupil to tell people what is important for them. No doubt that the opposition will tell you that pupils cannot decide for themselves what is important. Young people have to learn to make choices. If they do not realise the benefits of learning languages, these benefits should be explained to them. It is better that pupils choose to do languages. If a pupil chooses to study a language, they are more likely to be keen and interested than if it is something they are forced to do. ...read more.


Lots of children don't want to do P.E or swimming. If their parents agree, why should they be forced to (or forced to lie in producing a sick note)? It is different from any other lesson - it is about what one does with one's body. My opponents will tell you that P.E is a good thing as it makes a serious difference to people's health however it is a red herring to say that PE makes any serious difference to people's health. There are plenty of more effective ways of ensuring a healthy population than pushing children round a freezing sports pitch once a week or making them swim 50 lengths of a pool, not least would be addressing the disgusting diets kids have today, and encouraging walking or cycling to school rather than total reliance on the car. Therefore I urge you to vote for the motion that RGS is to restricting. ...read more.

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