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Deception and Forced love

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Beatrice and Benedick's Love In Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare, the main characters in the play are faced with obstacles such as deceit and revealing true emotions. The lovers introduced in the play are Claudio, Hero, Beatrice and Benedick. Sometimes deception can be perceived as good when used for benign purposes, but it can also destroy relationships. In this comedy, Beatrice and Benedick seemed to be tricked and forced into falling in love, but actually they are dynamic as they realize they truly love each other. I believe you can't "force" a couple into falling in love, Beatrice and Benedick weren't also forced in to loving each other, they loved each other all along. From the beginning of the play, Beatrice and Benedick are shown in the play almost always having a "merry war of wits", bickering with one another right from the start. ...read more.


While it appears that the love relationship between Claudio and Hero is more realistic and shallow, we can see the love between Beatrice and Benedick is more of the idealistic Shakespeare love. It seems the driving forces of love in most of Shakespeare's work are irony and destiny. So in this case, all the credit doesn't go to the Prince's "cupid-plan" rather that these two unlikely lovers were ironically destined to be together. While Claudio and Hero's love is realistic, we can see Beatrice and Benedick love nurturing and their characters evolving. As the play progresses, it is gradually shown that they are both trying to hide their feeling for each other with their witty remarks and insults. Benedick for example, is shown talking about respect for women (like his mother) ...read more.


The deception/trick failed but when they were caught red-handed with their self-written love notes, it proves that Beatrice and Benedick have a true honest passion between each other. In the end, we can only conclude that "forced" love didn't bring Beatrice and Benedick together but they were always aware subconsciously that they had feelings for each other. The result revealed at the end only caused them to love each other even more. The fact is, we willingly join the conspiracy against them both and think the other characters have accomplished "forcing" Beatrice and Benedick to fall for each other at the end of the story. As for deception, I don't think it is okay at all to deceit people because it only confuses their perceptions of the truth, human nature and their real emotions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kim1 ...read more.

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